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  2. Name: Brayden Scott Rank: Captain Reason Why I Want To Join [50 Word Minimum]: I want to join MBU because I want the be able to drive a motorcycle and be able to do high speed chases with ease. I think also I would have a lot of joy being able to lead convoys and participate in big MBU groups. These bikes are easy to weave in and out of traffic with ease. Te bike are utilized for LEO departments for fast response and high speed chases and thats what i'm looking for. MBU is a very important sub-division and I would love to be apart of it and help out the MBU team. What Make Me A Good Applicant [50 Word Minimum]: I'm very active within the department. I am also a exceptional motorcyclist on GTA. I also think my professionalism is a big part of what makes em a good applicant. I take role-playing to the highest standard. I would take all driving like i am in real life. I will make sure I strictly follow the MBU policy and to make sure to never break it. I am very responsible so there should be no issues at all in any way.
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  5. ACCEPTED TO CADOJRP LASD Dear @R. Pereira, The CADOJRP Community would like to congratulate you on being accepted into the LASD. We feel you will be a valuable asset to our community and genuinely look forward to getting to know you, as well as working with you. Teamspeak: LASD Discord: Step Guide: Step 1: Join the discord And Change Name To Real Name [e.g. John Doe] Step 2: Type in request-cadet-tag (Ex: [NAME] requesting cadet tag) Step 3: Sign up for a training in the several cadre channels, that work with your time. (EX: [Name] will attend training) Step 4: Review the presentation before training: CADRE Trainers If you have any questions take it to the CADRE team CADRE TEAM: Christian L Matt O Curtis J Mady M Dusty Mack S. Mcghee Sam C Sincerely, Brayden Scott, Captain Recruitment Services CADOJRP
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    Steam Name: SODA Steam Profile Link: How long were you banned for? 5h What were you banned for? Chaos RP, FAil Rp and something else How will you avoid this happening again? Try not to shoot at police during a situation when CIA is shooting at me and my friends with bullet proof tires, windows, and having godmode on and cook said no one was getting punished and it was just a test for the server to have a little fun.
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  8. Steam Name: ~r~ A. Uppan Steam Profile Link: Were you kicked or warned? Warned When were you kicked/warned? 1/14/2020 05:29 PM What were you kicked/warned for? Not setting prio How will you avoid this happening again? Assuming that the Samurai meant priority, I will make sure to pull over mid-pursuit to set the priority to "In Progress" when nobody else sets it.
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    +1 Im LOA chill boys
  10. Steam Name: R. Pereira Age: 21 Time Zone: EST Activity Per Week? (1-7 Days) 7 Days a week (evenings) Prior Role-play Experience? Yes, I originally was part of PoleCat's DOJRP servers, then after after a break I decided to join CADOJRP. I as well was part of various Arma 3 units, such as the 506th and a Marine Recon roleplaying unit. Server Play Time & Trust Score (/trustscore ID In Server): I played in the servers for a few months and made it up to a supervisor role/FTO, before having to leave due to personal issues. Trust score is unknown at this time, I'm currently redownloading GTA 5 and been unable to check. Last I checked before departing it was at 70% I believe. Have you spoken to a department recruiter about joining? If so, who?: Negative Do you have prior experience using a CAD/ MDT system? Yes I do Do you have prior experience using RTO (Radio Traffic Only)? Yes I do Reason for applying? (100 word minimum) I am reapplying because I miss the game play and role playing community, specifically CADOJRP. My time with the department was cut short due to some issues and this entire time I have been anxiously awaiting to be able to reapply and join the ranks once again. I would love to be able to patrol the county roads and serve the people of LA County with my fellow officers, while having fun and enjoying hours of role play. Additionally, I believe LASD is the best department in CADOJRP to be a part of, with the endless opportunities for training and role play, it was an honor to be a part of and it would be yet again an honor to be a part of once again. Why should we choose you? (75 word minimum) With my experience in role play, both in the GTA communities and as well Arma 3, I have what it takes to be part of this community again. I know the rules and regulations and have been trained by you before. I would be already trained and knowledgeable when it comes to the policing and role playing aspect of the server(s) and I'm prepared to provide the community 110% as I did once before. I am also now an officer IRL and would be able to bring the experience and knowledge I have from IRL into the gameplay to not only enhance but as well contribute further towards a more in-depth roleplay for all. Do you agree to the following statement Below? Yes I do "Do you hereby agree that, at any given point in time, we reserve the right to remove you from the department if we deem you unfit for duty"
  11. Name: Shawn R Rank: Senior Deputy Date Hired: January 2nd 2020 Reason Why I Want To Join [50 Word Minimum]: I would love to join SRT because after working with SRT units for so long I have seen how much they have trained and practiced these scenarios and all the hard work and dedication that goes into it. I have been apart of other special response teams in servers but from what i've seen we have the best and I hope to be apart of it. I was apart of SOU Special Purpose Division where we were trained like SRT and preformed like SRT in needed situations and I absolutely loved it. It gave great RP and was just fun to be apart of because you have to work as a team and the teamwork is amazing. What Make Me A Good Applicant [50 Word Minimum]: I was apart of the SOU Special Purpose Division where we trained like SRT, preformed like SRT and worked alongside SRT in all the same situations. I was very good at it and took scene command multiple times and successfully rescued hostages and brought the suspects into custody and have not had a single civilian casualty so far in my experience. I have been apart of other units like SRT in my past servers and even being a team lead and even an assistant director in one of them. I love being apart of SRT and hope that I can get a chance to prove my knowledge and ability to perform my duties as SRT alongside a great time.
  12. Steam Name: ~italic~~u~Reagan Steam Profile Link: How long were you banned for? 30 mins What were you banned for? unrealistic driving How will you avoid this happening again? i did not see me hit it on my screen could've been desync but to avoid this at all cost i will not drive at high speeds next time and be me awear of my surrounding
  13. +2 this guy knows what he's doing and should have a shot at staff
  14. ELABORATE - FAILURE TO MEET WORD COUNT Dear @Cynd, Due to the failure to meet the required word count, we would like you to elaborate for us on what your interests are in joining the LASD, and the reasons why we should accept you. Due to the high volume of applications that we receive, failure to respond in the next 72 hours may be cause for the termination of your application package. Sincerely, Brayden Scott, Captain Recruitment Services CADOJRP
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    Tryeds kick appeal

    ACCEPTED no longer staff
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