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    Congratulations! Your Application has been Accepted. The next step is the interview. Please join our teamspeak @ts.cadojrp.com You will find the “Server Management Section” at the bottom. Please join the waiting room at the bottom for your interview.
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    Everyday we are hearing about the non-existent/failed economy in the server. And why we are in desperate need of a working economy for positive RP and health of the server. Well, hear are some jobs that are needed and could be created to help in the pursuit of a thriving economy and server well-being. Players will be able to clock in/clock out of their jobs just like LEO does now, just with a different keystroke. The keystroke suggested is given next to the positions listed below. The following contains the jobs and pay (calculated in relation to officer pay). Whether they are Gold VIP or not, players who hold these positions will be required to be in the assigned teamspeak channel of that business when at work receiving pay. Players must be doing the job that they are being paid to do while on the clock, and nothing else. To hold most of these offices/jobs, players should also be required a minimum of 10 server hours at work a week to fill and keep the position. Players are not able to be payed on more than one job at any time. All, well most, of these jobs/businesses are also true government paying jobs irl. Air Traffic Controller (ATC): The ATC's will be in charge of all air traffic in the state. They will watch over, organize, and officiate all aircraft/pilots while on the job. They are also in charge of airport security and aircraft maintenance for safe air transportation. Communicates with law enforcement for airport safety and air transportation. Minimum of 2 ATC's. Gold VIP required. 10+ hours a week required. 1500/hr Airport Security (ASEC): Airport security will provide security at LSIA, Sandy, and Grapeseed airfields. They directly work for and communicate with ATC and will be in the ATC/Flight operations channel in TeamSpeak while on duty. Gold VIP not required. Unlimited positions available. Hired and managed by ATC's. 10+ hours a week required. 700/hr Director of Department of Transportation (DDOT): The DDOT will be in charge of logistics, towing, cab, uber, large equipment/vehicle transportation, State Mechanic Shop Owners, and like businesses. They are required to efficiently and effectively keep the state free of abandoned vehicles and road hazards. They will effectively communicate with businesses that provide these services. If the services are not being provided, or unavailable, help provide these services for the state in conjuntion with EDOC (I will cover EDOC at the end of the post). Ensure the proper transportation of heavy/large equipment by effectively communicating with business owners and law enforcement that they are in accordance with state laws and public safety. Oversees the general safety of public roads and transportation. Ensures all transportation businesses are legally bonded, insured, and licensed for their particular services. Communicates with law enforcement for effective and safe transportation. Keep and staff 2 assistants as defined below. Gold VIP required. 10+ hours a week required. 2000/hr Assistant Director of Transportation (ADOT): 2 assistants to DDOT. Work directly for DDOT. Helps enforce the rules and regulations given by DDOT. Communicates with law enforcement for effective and safe transportation in the state. Communicates with other businesses the rules and regulations given by DDOT. Runs errands for DDOT and helps communicate to businesses and law enforcement the laws, safety, and needs of public transportation and traffic safety. Gold VIP not required. 10+ hours a week required. 1000/hr Towing/Cab Drivers (TOW)/(CAB): Players who wish to assist the public, private, and government offices with transportation can get paid to do so. May also assist in the transportation of goods for the private, public, and government sectors. Must be in the associated TeamSpeak Channel to be paid. Does not require 10+ hours a week. Unlimited positins available. Gold VIP 750/hr. Non-Gold VIP 400/hr. Accepts tips. State Mechanic Shop Owner (SMSO)/(NGSMSO): Provides repairs to all transportation. Including but not limited to public passenger vehicles, aircraft, service vehicles, transportation vehicles, utility vehicles, boats, etc. Helps provide and coordinate transportation for broken vehicles if need be. Mobile mechanics are required. Is required to provide mechanical services for all government and public officials, offices and businesses. Unlimited positions available. 10+ hours a week required. Gold VIP SMSO 1000/hr. Non-gold VIP NGSMSO 500/hr California State Court: I go in to some detail on this other post (https://forum.cadojrp.com/index.php?/topic/5975-peoples-court-is-in-session/) Judges (JUDGE): Minimum of Trial Moderator required to hold this position. Does not require the 10 hrs/week to be a Judge, just the server staff of Trial Moderator or above needed. Any Trial Moderator or above can serve as acting Judge at any time. Officiates the courtroom, and structure of the courtroom, while their particular court is in session. Passes out sentencing for all, but not limited to, federal offenses. Passes judgement and sentencing for any and all civil cases. Signs off on search warrants. Allowed to appoint and oversee any clerk of court they consider worthy for any particular case. Appoints a Court Appointed Public Attorney if requested. All judgements given by a Judge are final and are to be upheld by the state. Players are able to appeal only one time. It is up to any another Judge (Trial Moderator or higher) if he/she wishes to grant an appeal and a second hearing. However, sentencing is carried out immediately while they wait on their appeal to be granted. 2200/hr Clerk of Court (COC): Available for any staff/admin only. Does not require the 10 hours a week to assist as COC for any particular case. Organizes all cases to be held in court. Makes sure a Judge and any parties related to the case are available and present during the hearing of the case. Reports solely to the Judge on the particular case/cases they are hearing over. Communicates effectively with appropriate staff, moderator, admin and/or law enforcement to ensure the sentencing given by the Judge is carried out in strict accordance to the Judge's ruling. Players wanting civil litigation can request any staff/admin member for a COC to organize a hearing. Passes subpoenas and summons for hearings. Works with law enforcement to serve subpoenas or summons for the court case to be heard. If a party or parties fail to show, works with Bounty Hunters for the requisition of the party or parties who fail to show on a served subpoena or summons. Can appoint any Gold VIP to State Bounty Hunter at any time for any particular case. Unlimited positions but for staff/admin only. 10+ hours a week required. 1500/hr State Bounty Hunter (SBH): Enforces the bounty given by the COC. Reports directly to COC. Works in conjunction with but does not interfere with law enforcement if law enforcement officers get involved. Does not require 10 hours a week to serve as SBH. Gold VIP required. Great side job for law enforcement officers. 1000/hr Court Appointed Public Attorney (CAPA): Any player Gold VIP or not, can be appointed/requested by a Judge as CAC. Fulfills the duties as the appointed party's representative. Serves to the best of their abilities to legally defend the accused in a state court of law. Communicates with COC to ensure proper defense of their case. Does not require 10 hours a week serving as CAC to be appointed by a Judge. Unlimited positions. Gold VIP and non-Gold VIP 1000/hr Farmers (Farm): Required to own farming land and equipment to be a farmer. Grows, cultivates, and supplies the state's agricultural and livestock needs. Ensures land, livestock, equipment, and produce are in accordance with state laws, safety and regulations. Makes sure his/her business is able to operate as a sustainable farm. Communicates directly with EDOC (described below) for any economic assistance. Can hire farm hands if need be. 10+ hours a week required. Gold VIP required. 1300/hr Farm Hand (Farmhand1)(Farmhand2): Works directly for a Farmer. 10+ hours a week required. Gold VIP and non-Gold VIP. Assists the Farmer in whatever the Farmer needs. Gold VIP 700/hr. Non-Gold VIP 400/hr Office of Science and Technology Director (OSTD): Serves as the President's science advisor. Oversees and advises with a broad mandate so that they may advise the President on the effect of established science and technology, and new science and technology, on domestic and state affairs. Communicates directly with the Speaker of the State, Vice President, and President in case of any state issues or emergencies in regards to the field of science and technology. Works out of Humane Labs. Oversees other scientists and engineers for the embetterment and discovery of new science and technology. Responsible for the implentation and development of scientific and technology policies and budgets. Works with the private sector to ensure science and technology are contributing to economic prosperity, environmental quality, and national security. Communicates directly with EDOC (described below) for economic and financial assistance and state cooperation. Communicates directly with California State Courts for state policies and laws regarding science and technology. 10+ hours a week required. Gold VIP required. 1700/hr Doctors/Scientists/Engineers (DOC)/(SCIE): Assists the OSTD with the advancement of science and technology. Uses Humane Labs for their offices. Works directly for the OSTD. 10+ hours a week required. Gold VIP (DOC) 1000/hr. Non-Gold VIP (SCIE) 750/hr Human Resouces Director (HRD): Responsible for recruiting and screening new job applicants for state jobs. Communicates with heads of offices to emphasize in the mental wealth, prosperity, and positive growth among the personnel. Ensures state employees are fulfilling the jobs which they are hired to do. Responsible for stimulating a healthy working environment within the state appointed offices and between the individuals in their held positions, and also their relations to other government held offices. Works directly with EDOC for any economic issues in and between the offices. Communicates with the heads of all government appointed offices to ensure prosperity, positivity, and good working environments. Responsible to the Speaker of the State, Vice President, and President for the mental wellness of the state and it's citizens. Gold VIP required. 10+ hours a week required. 2200/hr Executive Director of Commerce (EDOC): Works to create and increase economic opportunities for government and businesses of every size to succeed. Seeks to grow jobs, the workforce and financial investments in the state. Responsible for the creation and implementation of businesses for economic success within the state and for the individuals residing within. Responsible for allocating resources to government appointed offices so that they may be successful. Creates interests among the state's population for offices and positions needed for the economic betterment of the state. Advocates the state for the creation of new, and the adjustment of old, businesses for economic growth. Directly communicates with DDOT, Farmers, OSTD, HRD, Speaker of the State, Vice President, and President to ensure positive economic growth and economic stability within the state. Serves as a spokesman and representative for the state in regards to economic affairs. Works directly with businesses, communities, appointed offices, and citizens to promote job creation, economic growth, sustainable development, and improved standards of living for all Californians. Serves as a liasion between businesses for support and growth. Gold VIP required. 10+ hours a week required. 3000/hr. (I volunteer for this position) Speaker of the State (SOS): Held only by top head admin of the server and above. As of now that would be Private Steel, Micheal S, Carl, Spore and EagleEyez. Relates to the public the state's position, and the thoughts and concerns of it's Vice President and President. 10+ hours not required. Gold VIP not required. 3700/hr Vice President (Emma): Emma. Does what Vice President's do. 4500/hr President (Arthur): Arthur. Does what President's do. 5500/hr This would be the implementation of, at bare minimum, 30 new jobs/businesses for the server. It's players would now have a job to do and some great RP to go with it. Players wouldn't be so bored and wouldn't be obliged to create chaos and havoc on the server. Between the implementation of these jobs, plus the ongoing recruitment of law enforcement, I believe we could have a great start to a true RP server and an economy that all players new and old can be a part of. For the health, wealth and development of the server, I emplore the powers that be to implement these things to stimulate positive server growth.
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    So, let me go ahead and start off with this. The rewrite? In my opinion, fixed nothing. Yeah I mean it fixed a lot of bugs, besides that, really nothing good has come. In fact, it made the server a little worse. Why? Well, let me explain why. The CADO rant. By Nathan A. The server. Ever since the rewrite came out the spawns have varied. The latest spawn point, the prison has attracted 95% of the player base to sandy, and there's nothing they do about it. CHP basically does nothing else BUT patrol sandy. Back when the spawn was in Los Santos, people actually spread out. There were people on the highways, there were actually things for CHP to do, but now? Nope. Absolutely nothing. Supercars. Oh, where to start off at? Hmmm. Well, lets start off in sandy. Why in the world would you see a vehicle that costs more than the entire CITY driving around in it? It's completely ridiculous. You would not see a Lamborghini speeding through sandy for a "visit" when they spend 90% of their time there driving around. You wouldn't see a fancy GMC in the poorest part of the state, yeah, maybe up in Paleto, but in sandy, nope. Either way, you wouldn't see a multi million dollar car in the poorest part of the state (aka sandy) Jobs. There are no civilian jobs anymore. Yeah, there may be the drug jobs, but how about the more realistic jobs, like truck driving and ATM refiling. Those jobs actually put a little variety to CADO and even spread the playerbase out some. The trucking jobs actually gave CVE something to do. Now? Welp, we just pull over trucks with 10ft empty trailers driving around sandy. Please, add back the jobs. Maybe it'll give some people an actual reason to do things instead of going around op baiting. People. Haha. So, lemme talk about people. Like I stated up here ^ people have nothing to do anymore. With jobs being gone, there's no good civ rp anymore, yeah there are the occasional decent roleplays. But, since jobs were removed with the rewrite, all people do is cop bait. Nothing else. It's been months since i've had a good roleplay, and honestly, it's sickening. There are WAY too many good people who are leaving because the server is going downhill, it's sickening. CADO has lost way to many people who were dedicated, true members to CADO because of the rewrite. So, on to the topic of new players. hehehe. So, let me start wit the stereotypes first. Well, there are the default peds driving around 100 + cop baiting because they did not "know the rules" , there are the new people trying to come into the server acting like they know absolutely everything, go around do things against server rules, then when a staff member tp's they try and act like they did nothing. There are the decent people who gets drove out because the lack of rp. All of these have at least one thing in common. They get kicked, and leave the community. Why? Welp, they "didn't know the rules" and actually got disciplined for it because they are used to server not giving a sh*t about what their people do. I want CADO the complete opposite. I want our server to be known as the public DOJ. However, people wont let it. CADO has become a playground with new people coming in, and old people coming out. It's like the circle of life, Old, wise, experienced people leave. New, annoying, no-rule-reading-kids come in and ruin the server for everyone else. Priorities. For the love of all holy, BAN 10-80's! We have a 10-80 every time priority is available, why? i dunno. people like running for NO REASON. Make unique RP's. Either that, or completely take priorities away, and make them planned only. I know it's unrealistic, however I can vouch for most, if not all LEOS out there. Were so fu*king tired of 10-80's, bank robberies, shootings, they just get too repetitive. It's all people know how to do. Everyone has lost the mindset that not all priorities have to be a 10-80 or shots fired. But, of course this isnt going to change. Even if we do implement a rule like this, people are still going to do it. Officers are still going to respond to it. There's nothing we can do about it. Why do you think there's a majority of leo's not responding to 10-80's , bank robberies, etc. Well, it's repetitive. WE WANT TO HAVE FUN AS WELL, however there is a limit. AOP (Area Of Play) Like I've mentioned earlier, the majority of the playerbase is in sandy. Make an AOP restricted to one area like CADO used to do. Or hell, if I were executive staff I'd ban sandy. Completely. Have rotations, maybe (time) to (time) it's blaine county *sandy still restricted* then (time) to (time) it's just city. We NEED to have people to spread out. There's more things to do than just be in Sandy. There's a whole map to explore. But, nope. Not to most people. CHP. California Highway Patrol doesn't have a main HQ or even a station like LASD or even LAPD does. But, I have an idea for that. Los Santos Freeway, the government building. CHP and FBI can split it. Im just so tired of using the sheriff station for even going on duty. LAFD. So. Sirens. The Default Fire Truck has the actual sirens that we used to have. Why cant we have them on the fire engine(s) that we have now? It's unrealistic.I miss the old siren, a lot of LAFD do.
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    In Game Name: [1210] W.White Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198349205079/ How old are you? 15 What is your Trust Score and Time Played? 18 Days 7 Hrs 100% Why should we accept you into the staff team here at CADOJRP? (200 Word Minimum) I think you should accept me as staff because I have dedicated many days to this server and over the I have learnt the rules over time, I believe I can benefit the server because I am friendly but also I know what is right from wrong. Since I have been playing cadojrp I have helped people with various tasks such as getting their CAD setup, or issues with their mic or the rules of the server. I think I am mature enough to be staff, I love helping others and playing Cadojrp. I believe I have had enough experience in cadojrp to be a staff member. I hope I get accepted as I think I could benefit the server with helping the community and making sure people are not breaking rules. I know I can never take someone's word for it an I have to get the sufficient evidence to be able to make the correct call and I know I will still have to follow COC (Chain Of Command) when asking questions. I've had previous experience as staffing on a CS:GO server which I know isn't the same but I still know how a staff member should be acting and speaking to members of the community. I am a Captain in LAPD so I am used to following COC and I know what I can and cannot do. Why should we accept you over the other applicants? (150 Word Minimum) I believe you should accept me because I am dedicated to everything I do and always put maximum effort into it when other people that apply barely put any effort into being a Staff Member. I am always calm and collected when I am a staff member on CS:GO and I believe I can bring that to here. I believe I will never abuse my power and I am always kind and reasonable towards other people. Even as a civilian I am as respectful as possible and try to be as positive as I can. I believe you should accept me over others because I had prior experience in Staffing in other games and I have been staff in multiple discords. I am willing to take advice from other people even if they are not staff so I can improve myself which some others refuse to do because they think they are better than everyone else because they are stubborn. Thanks for reading my application and I hope you accept me. Staff Referrals (Minimum of 2 Required): @Brady W @John A @Paul [email protected] Gardiner @Oblivion @Jared S. @Easton D. @Dominus Enfield @Lewis Milligan @Jose S @Mason G. @TheCreativeComma @RizeNovazz Activity per week? (1-7 days) 6-7 Do you agree with the following statement? Yes
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    In Game Name: [1210] Lewis M Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/lewismilligans/ How old are you? 15 What is your Trust Score and Time Played? 14 Days 15 Hours 40 Minutes and 100% Trustscore Why should we accept you into the staff team here at CADOJRP? (200 Word Minimum) I should be accepted into the staff team because I am dedicated to the server and I have ranked up in the LEO side of the server, as a staff member I would like to help people with the CAD, in the forums and making sure they know the rules if they ask and help people in the game as well. I’d think I have got enough play time to know the rules and know the ins and outs of the server to enforce the rules and enough knowledge to give correct and meaningful answers to sort out situations. If anyone knows me I would say I am a friendly and approachable person to talk to meaning if someone breaks the rules and is yelling I will try and calm them down and explain that they can appeal it and explain to the best of my ability why they are receiving it. I am a Captain in LAPD so I believe I have enough experience to know what is right and what is wrong and when to enforce the rules, I am a great believer never to fight fire with fire I will always try and calm someone down before taking action and bursting in there and shouting. Why should we accept you over the other applicants? (150 Word Minimum) I believed you should accept me into the staff team because I am mature and respectful among other things, I can take responsibility of my actions. I am respectful of other people because if you are respectful to them then hopefully they will be the same to you. You should also accept me because I would always let people know why they are getting there punishments and how they can go about getting it removed and where. I don’t see myself better than anyone we are all equal in my eyes but I can keep a level head in situations. Also if I make a mistake I am willing to own up to that and how I can learn from it and how I can better myself, I am also willing to learn from other people if they give me advice, I believe in everyone has there say so if they give me a suggestion I will follow through until someone takes care of it or takes it from me Staff Referrals (Minimum of 2 Required): @Jose S @Dominus Enfield @Ruben @Paul R Activity per week? (1-7 days) I am normally on 6-7 days a week for at least 3 hours more if possible it is very rare that I am unable to play but it does occasionally happen Do you agree with the following statement? Agreed Do you hereby agree that, we, the CADOJRP Executive Staff Team, hold the right to remove you from our staff team at any given point in time, if we deem you unfit for staffing?
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    Agree with kalico, and every officer just always used their rifle, why not use the pistol, you don't see officers in real life pull out an automatic rifle for a 10-80
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    -1 Tony, I like you man, but if you cant take any criticism from other players, I don't think you deserve my +1. If your getting a -1, you make a whole paragraph why they are wrong but that is just going to cause drama and I don't want an organization causing drama. Please take this kindly and out of respect. Thanks
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    -2 I dealt with one of the longest staff issues last night I have had to deal with yet. And oddly enough it WASN’T a staff issue. Two guys on “your property” that won’t leave is an LEO (trespass) issue not a staff issue. Then when I offered up suggestions on how you could work on your RP to avoid these issues I was argued with and shot down constantly. My impression was you wanted staff to determine the intent of anyone approaching your business prior to allowing them to it. I’m not saying this RP doesn’t have merit, I’m saying there is one common feature in the issues I have seen the past few days. if things don’t go the way you want that doesn’t automatically make it a FAILRP. If someone wants to interact with you and the dealership and you don’t like them, or don’t want to in the moment, does not make them a staff issue. You advertise your location, you will get players, wanted or not. Show me you can do this in a reasonable and measured way, and that you yourself will and can manage what you take on and I will be willing to reverse my idea. But as it stands right now it feels like you are in way over your head.
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    That’s fine. Drop by the LACD Discord when you’re available and @me in the requesting interview channel and I’ll be with you.
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    +1 sorry was at school
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    +1 I'll remove this from your record, but to me at the moment it doesnt really seem like you are learning from your mistakes. I recommend you take a second or third look at our rules, since you have quite a few repeat offences. At the moment I will give you the benefit of the doubt and accept this.
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    +1 but given your record it wont be just up to me
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    Steam Name: jesus cook Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/JesusCook/ Who banned you? The Server How long were you banned for? Permanent What were you banned for? Modding (spawning a ufo on someone) How will you avoid this happening again? Im not going to beg like all the others, because i did begging in the past, and i got over that. I will admit though that i am fully aware that i used the mod menu just for the use of quick shortcuts and quick uses such as teleportation or vehicle issues. I never intend to break someones server for no reason. i am also fully aware of 1) modding ==> perma ban 2) rules are rules, and if you break them, you get your consequences. I used the menu as well cuz i was really pissed about missing goldvip monthly for 5 days, and decided to have some other fun on players with the menu. i know it was unethical and childish, but what happened happened. Tbh, i dont expect for this to get appealed or accepted, and i would understand, cuz if someone were to mod my server, i would ban them no appeal. But for the sake of this appeal, and i honestly dont tolerate a lot of people on this server, but i have a close friend or too on the server whom i enjoy playing with, and i will promise not to mod no more on this server or on any server just to get rid of the habit. I accept whatever happens from here, accepted or denied, if you're willing to spare me a second chance, then thank you, if not, then i understand, and i will leave you guys alone. Thank you for your time.
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    +2 Staff referral confirmed, amazing personality and have seen him change over these past 2 weeks
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    \======DENIED======/ SRT is Full at this Time. - J. Rogers SRT Commander E-1
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    // ========== INTERVIEW INVITATION ========== // @earthynerd, We have reviewed your application and would like to meet with you to discuss a position in the CADOJRP LAPD. The selection process is very competitive - we look for members who meet requirements and exceed expectations. If selected, you will have the opportunity to gain some great experience that will substantially benefit you with your future goals and roles. We strongly recommend that you prepare for our upcoming discussion. Be prepared to extensively talk about yourself otherwise you will be disregarded in the selection process. If you simply respond with a few words, it shows a genuine lack of interest on your part. Remember, the more the better. Many people apply for these positions on a daily basis so it is up to you to show us you are the ideal candidate. We know everyone gets nervous, but if you are fully prepared and have done your research on how a regular interview you should have no problem. If you have problems talking with individuals and strangers you would probably struggle in and we recommend that you withdraw yourself from the selection process. Be advised, If you provide any false information in the selection progress, we cannot bring you onto our team. Only a few members of our team will even receive this information. Prior to connecting to our meeting you must have a functioning microphone as we will meet on our TeamSpeak Server at There, one of our recruiters will meet with you to conduct an interview. Teamspeak IP: ts.cadojrp.com Although we appreciate your interest, your application may be cancelled if you do not take action within 72 hours (3 days). Regards, Dom Enfield, Los Angeles Police Department Captain [1211] Recruitment Services CADOJRP
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    I can help here, so we don't tell officers to shoot unless the subject has shot first. Lethal is never authorized its to the persons discretion.Shooting from the helicopter I don't know anything about that.Shooting tires or the car is something that we shouldn't be doing but they feel that doing so will stop the person from continuing to run from Leo.We do have people who get a itchy trigger finger. You can also report the person who is doing stuff they should be doing. I know in the sheriff department every new cadet we tell them your weapon can save lives, take lives and or get you fired.If you have concerns you talk with higher ups in department about the issues.
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    +1 We 100% need something like this, I'm fed up of people just driving around doing nothing, unless there is a priority, also this makes sense so you can make money instead of being unemployed and getting $200 every 10 minutes, and the current jobs are low pay not fun and buggy.
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    +1 This would be amazing. Great Idea
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    +1 From the Chief. I like it! The Server needs something like this!
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    +2 Does a great job assisting with the department I am sure he will do the same with staff
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    +2 Was meant to be a referral but he forgot to put me on. Add me as staff referral
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    Name: Dave Ross Rank: Senior Deputy [570] Reason Why I Want To Join [50 Word Minimum]: I would like to be part of this devision because I have noticed lack of air units in some of the 10-80, or any other operations that have had needs of air support at crucial times, and there was none provided, and I always wanted to fill out that position when there is a need for air backup, I believe that air support is very important for almost any small, to major situation, providing a wider area view from uptop, covering our backs when in need and being a very important asset to us by providing us information when: 10-80 occur, hostage situation, search and find and many more, another reason would be that I would love to see the the challenges we deal everyday with not only from the ground but from the sky too. What Make Me A Good Applicant [50 Word Minimum]: I think of the many things that make me a great applicant, one of the most important is my love for the law, not only do I enjoy upholding the law I also enjoy making this world a better and safer place, I am dedicated and will do my best to provide my services to the best of my ability, if given the opportunity. I think that not only will this be a great learning opportunity for me, but that I will also be a great asset to the team. 
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    -1 word requirements not met
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    +2 Confirmed staff referral
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    +2 Confirmed staff referral
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    Congratulations! Your Application has been Accepted. The next step is the interview. Please join our teamspeak @ts.cadojrp.com You will find the “Server Management Section” at the bottom. Please join the waiting room at the bottom for your interview.
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    +1 With some time to learn under a few other staff I believe you'd be good for the team.
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    Congratulations! Your Application has been Accepted. The next step is the interview. Please join our teamspeak @ts.cadojrp.com You will find the “Server Management Section” at the bottom. Please join the waiting room at the bottom for your interview.
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    Whitelist Server Hello, Over the past few weeks, @Kyle C. has been working on getting our whitelist server ready to go. Kyle's dedication to the community will help this server succeed. Since we started planning this we had a community meeting which focused on the whitelist server. After listening to the feedback of the community we've decided to open civilian applications to all. What does this mean? This means it will be an application only server. Currently, the only departments are LASD (Law Enforcement) and Civilian Management (Civilians). Kyle and I expect a launch on Thursday (8/8/2019) or Friday (8/9/2019). We hope you will be there for our release. In the meantime thanks for reading this development blog. We will post in community announcements once the server is live. Thanks - Executive Administration
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    In Game Name: Steam Profile Link: How old are you? What is your Trust Score and Time Played? Why should we accept you into the staff team here at CADOJRP? (200 Word Minimum) Why should we accept you over the other applicants? (150 Word Minimum) Staff Referrals (Minimum of 2 Required): Activity per week? (1-7 days) Do you agree with the following statement? Do you hereby agree that, we, the CADOJRP Executive Staff Team, hold the right to remove you from our staff team at any given point in time, if we deem you unfit for staffing?