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    +1, love the rp hope to see more
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    +1 Peaky Boys do/did some amazing rp it’s realistic and is fun for LEO and everyone.
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    Steam Name: poob Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198136832487 How long were you banned for? RFC (PERM) What were you banned for? Writing a hate letter to Mady Mohamed How will you avoid this happening again? First I would like to state that I apologize for my actions. I have taken days to try and locate what really came over me that day. The Homie Hotel, my discord, is a place where people could chill. When I first got banned, I made the discord the vent and have people come in there and run some CSGO or Tarkov with me and the boys. But then, it turned into a trash talking shit show, and people started to back stab me. I have been betrayed by close friends before, It's the internet what is there to state. When I heard a rumor about Mady coming into my discord and taking everything me and a couple people were talking about, and relaying that to other people who did not deserve to know, I lost my shit. Mady, at the start was the homie, but then he faded away and got new friends which I was alright with. He can make his own decisions, and I have no right to change them. Then, I linked it together, I witnessed my best friends on Cadojrp get RFCed, and never talked to them again. Then, I made the childish decision to write a hate letter, a letter so bad it ruined a person's day and mood for god knows how long, and I didn’t even know. The letter was for us to vent about the under going actions of Mady and CADOJRP in general, not for it to get sent. I have tried my best to be the nicest member of this community. I learned so many things on cado, I met so many people and had so many good conversations, but that's not possible anymore. Im not here to beg forgivness, because thats the dumb way to do it. I am here to say I apologize for making Mady feel like shit, and I should have never taken it that way. Never. I feel childish and cruel, that's not who I am. I messaged Mady, and expressed what the hell went wrong. I can't sit there and not apologize straight to the person I made feel like shit. On Cadojrp, I was the nicest person to everyone, if a person comes on the server and breaks a rule, don't kick him, give him the rules and call him on discord, assist him through it and provide examples. You kick him, he isn't gonna change, he's gonna just go back and do the same thing. I read those staff guidelines over and over again every day, and I violated the most important rule. Two actually, don't disrespect players, don't disrespect staff members. It was in the heat of the moment, and I was a different person when creating that disrespectful, hateful, and just awful letter to Mady. Yet again, I am not asking for your forgiveness, I just want to say I disappointed all of you. I tried to be nice, and caring for each and every one of you. CADOJRP is the best damn community I've ever been in, and I can say that with confidence. Everytime I said “have an amazing day!” or “thank you for your time on CADOJRP!” wasn't a lie. But at the same time, I wrote that letter, I am a hypocrite. Why be nice to everyone but one other person? There is no reason to explain those actions. Also, I don't understand why I didn't take the blame in the first place, that was my true mistake. Everyone who reads this, notice who is around you and treat them with respect, it's the internet. That's why there's a block button, don't write something hateful and treat someone like shit. There's nothing that comes out of it. Everyone have an amazing day! Thanks for your hospitality.
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    +2 confirmed staff ref, knows what he's doing, enforces the rules, fit for staff, would be great asset to the staff team.
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    +1 former staff, knows what hes doing
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    Steam Name: ~r~ S.Mcghee [520] Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/killersamus04 Were you kicked or warned? warned  Who kicked/warned you? ~italic~~c~[S.Admin] ~q~Renegade When were you kicked/warned? 02/20/2020 07:32 PM what were you warned/kicked for? Meta Gaming  How will you avoid this again? Like I said in my last appeal I was not meta gaming, I am fully contesting meta gaming because I didnt and i am innocent of this act, Also the video dosnt show my screen nor what I was seeing, i would also like to add that i wasnt the pilot of the helicopter but the SRT on the side of the helicopter. Thank you for reading. Also let me add that yes i havnt waited the 2weeks i needed to wait but i dont really want to get removed from the staff team.
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    Name: Samuel.Mcghee Rank: Major Trustscore: 100% Why Do I Wanna Join? I would like to join IA because I feel that it is a very important part of the department and is vital in making sure our officers are following the rules and if they are not, they will be punish accordingly. The IA sub-division is a great division for me cause i love doing paper work and giving justice withing both sides. I have a lot of time to do IA stuff and help with justice. What makes me a good applicant? What makes me a great applicant is that im very good at paper work and bringing justice to the people of LASD. I have been in LASD for a while and have filed many IA cases so I am somewhat familiar with how they are handled within our department, also that i am a staff member and we sorta deal with the same thing but with ingame issues.
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    Name: S.Mcghee [1S-13] Rank: Major Reason Why I Want To Join [50 Word Minimum]: reason that I want to join is because I think MBU is very important in the department, its helps out everyone cause motorbikes can drive almost anywhere and more easily, I also have a motorbike in real life and I love it, MBU would be great for me. It's very important to be MBU because you have to watch out for othervehicles all the time. What Make Me A Good Applicant [50 Word Minimum]: I'm a very good application because when I'm on I never see any other sherrif MBU member, also I'm very active and will go active MBU all time and respect everyone else, im also in france so I have a differant time zone from everyone else and I can go active when no one else can, if I get accepted you wont regret it. Thanks for reading my application.
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    +1 sounds really fun and interesting, please hit me up when/if this gets accepted for a membership deal.
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    i accept your apolog thanks for speaking to me about it we all make stupid mistakes
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    Steam Name: tryed/grandadtoucher1799 at the time Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/tryed/ How long were you banned for? Permanent What were you banned for? Saying n word in chat / could be something else but no reason on ban. How will you avoid this happening again? Okay, first I will give everyone who is reading this a run down of the situation that happened on the night that I got banned. Me and my friend were doing homeless person RP/ Crackhead RP and were attempting to kidnap a person in broad daylight, of course the police showed up. I cannot remember the finer details but I think it went something like this. 2 police officers showed up while I was knocked out (I think, maybe I wasn't maybe I was so take this as a maybe) whatever happened to me, I was behind an officer and punched him in the back of the head and knocked him unconscious and did "/me Takes officers gun" and proceeded to shoot at the officer when I was at gunpoint, this could be Fail RP but if I had a gun and he had a gun it would be a matter of shooting the officer first before he shoots me if I looked at the situation realistically under the perspective of a crackhead. After shooting the cop Kyle.C proceeded to revive and shoot me down. After that, he kicked me for Fail RP, I don't mind that, totally justifiable for him to do that. After reconnecting to the server I was virtually bombarded with people saying things like "Grandadtoucher1799 you shouldn't have done that" and stuff similar to saying that. I lost my temper and said "n**ga stop talking" not directed at Kyle.C but at the people that were saying all the other shit. It was a foolish mistake and I regret it, but permanent for not even hard R. Still a bad thing to do. It's just when you spend months working to get a high trustscore on a server, rank up in CHP ect. And not really having a good time irl it kind of just brings a person down and makes them do things like that. Well, that's it I guess.
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    Name Berry Kingston Organization Name WildCard Mechanics Purpose Of Organization Mechanics, crime and car thefts. Who will be leading the Organization? (Actual name, not RP) Berry Kingston, Will Taylor, Dave J and D. West. Reason for Organizing? (100 Words Minimum) Throughout my time of CADOJRP, I've never seen Mechanic RP mixed with crime. This is a great way to mix both worlds into one, and to mix up RP and change it from the normal vehicle pursuits and robberies all the time. In WildCard Mechanics, we will be doing all sorts of RP from: Car Thefts to resell, to stealing car parts from suppliers, Selling high exotic cars for robberies, organised crime groups and so on. We want to bring our RP to the next level with a Mechanic family, who are involved with not just the normal wold but the crime world. This brings closer the bond with other crime groups together to bring the players together to create more creative, realistic RP. With the organisation we will be hiring people, Already we own 3 nearly 4 car garages in Paleto, Sandy and LS all around the map. Also we will be buying a HQ for our plans for the robberies, thefts, etc to take place. I think this would be a great way to differentiate the RP on the server. Do you agree to the following statement? Yes
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    +1 Peaky Boys loved their shipment of guns. Glad to do business with you.
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    +1 I would love to see peaky's back in rp 😄
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    +1 Good ass rp, been on server for ages
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    +2 previous staff,fit for staff,good LEO
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    +1 Go make sure you RP out every scenario I understand you didn't choose for that to happen, but it doesn't mean you can just disregard it.
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    +1 Don't do it again
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    +1 Don't do it again! Thank you!
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    +1 Good at what he does just needs to be sure to spread the wealth as the only stuff he has up there is for departments he is in 🙂
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    Congratulations! You have passed your interview. Welcome to the staff team!
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    @Renegade This has to be dealt with soon.
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    I have seen that you guys have lowered the player limit to 32 players. Why? I just want to play on my favorite server, but I CANT PLAY ON IT. Change it back to 64 or whatever you had before, thank you.
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    -1 Unfortunately, you didn't meet the word requirements for a staff applicant. However, if you had met the word requirement and general requirements I'd have referred you straight away. You're a positive person that enforces passive role-play scenarios and I personally like that, the fact that you and some other community members spent hours solely from today doing passive role-play without being in any sort of interaction with law enforcement or criminal activity was great and that's why I commended you both. If you want my honest opinion, you should put more effort into the application as I know for a fact that now it's getting a lot stricter and that's the way it should have been right from the start, personally I'd say keep it up but make sure that you're putting the effort in too! Sorry Tuesdays.
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    +1 Pretty chill guy, he's mature and I've personally never had an issue with him and I'm sure the other Moderation or Administration Members are also thinking the same. He should be given a chance to come back with his current experience, would be a good addition.
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    Your appeal has been accepted! Keep in mind that the rules apply to everyone, make sure you stay out of trouble, and have fun role-playing in our community!
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    +1 think he has potential for the staff team.
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    Steam Community ID: ~o~321~w~Ethan W Name: Ethan W Age: 16 How many days a week can you dedicate to Dispatch? 4/5 How many hours per day can you dedicate to Dispatch? 2/3 Any prior experience with Dispatching? I have yes, in some other servers I have been apart of he dispatching team, and in that server I was fairly high and made my rankings up towards communications director before resigning to become apart of this server. Are you in any other CADOJRP departments? If so, what ranks? CHP Probationary What is Chain of Command (COC)? Chain Of Command is a hierarchy system that you should work your way up upon whilst asking questions and no rankings should be skipped Why do you want to join LACD? [100 word minimum] My reason for joining the LACD is simply because me personally I love what the cops do to our community how they help us out, I Believe I Can make a big difference to our community, because with more dispatchers means better coverage of locations to assign units to also i like to show people my experience people what its like being a dispatcher so we can get more in the community. Why should we accept you over other applicants? [100 word minimum] The Reason you should accept me is because i am very active, I can take charge of a situation I'm a good listener to people respectful mature. I also really know how to keep things professional and know how to do my job right
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    I believe people would enjoy patrolling and being in the community with an active dispatcher, that has the knowledge to control radio traffic, and ensure that the RTO Channel is held to high standards. Another reason why I want to join LACD is because, I enjoy being a dispatcher and I'll be able to show that through my activity in the department if I were to be accepted into the Los Angeles Communications Department.
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    @Thomas J. are you free now?
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    Yeah that's fine, thanks for replying.
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    Hey, what should I do now? Just wait for a response from the Head Administration?
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    Yeah, that was the last name I used when trying to connect to the Community. My bad, I thought you meant the last name I used when properly being on the server 🙂