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    +2 Confirmed Staff Referral Knows rules and is great with RP
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    +2 add me as a referral, good guy, knows the rules and deserves a shot.
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    -1 Reason stated above by Will Taylor.
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    Name Roddy Ricch Organization Name UFC Purpose Of Organization For Professional fighting Who will be leading the Organization? (Actual name, not RP) I, Roddy Ricch will be leading this organization. Reason for Organizing? (100 Words Minimum) My reason for having all of us organize is so that we can have a fun and original organiaztion. Imagine how interesting and how many people will be looking forward for fight nights. I feel that this organization can help avoid people getting into trouble as well. Many times there is confusion when people are street fighting and someone ends up dead. Some people roleplay it as being knocked out, others take it a step further and get staff involved. Having this organization can help eliminate these confusing staff sits and will be better for the server. This will be better for the server known as CADOJRP. Do you agree to the following statement? Yes I do 100%
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    @Aaron B. they are tagged because they are the Head Admins of the server and they will come to a decision to whether you should be allowed back or not
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    +1 Knows What he is doing and great role player
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    -1 doesnt meet the word count, i think you should spend more time on your application before applying
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    +1 think you'll do decent at staff. Good luck
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    +1 previous staff. Knows what the fuck he's doing
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    +2 I believe he can do a good job at staff
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    +1 I am CO OWNER of it and it is organised with roles and is not there to cause chaos like some organisations
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    +1 I can see this org going places, good idea of RP and would love to see this ingame
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    +1 SeeKay has had problems before. But I believe he has changed & his rule breaking days are over. He deserves a chance in the CADOJRP Staff Team. He knows the rules, is a great person to be around and really enhances the RP's with all the different voices he can do. This guy is a Great Roleplayer and someone I believe will do a great job as a Staff Member
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    +1 I am a member and stuff is organised so it doesn't turn into a shit show
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    +2 confirmed staff referral, good guy, knows what hes doing, will be a great asset to the staff team.
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    +2 confirmed and he a good guy knows the rules fell like he is fit for staff
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    +1 saw him today and was a cool guy fosho deserves it
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    +1 Ive known him for a bit i think he will make a great fit for the team
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    +2 | Confirmed Staff Referral Seekay's had his issues in CADOJRP. However, he's always found a way to overcome them and come back, even after all that he went through with the issues and everything. That there, by itself shows resilience and several other things. He knows how to have a good time, we all know that XD, but when he needs to step up he does it and knows how to act in a suitable manner. In general, he definitely deserves a chance to join the Staff Team!
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    +2 Confirmed Referral I have had some great RP scenes with SeeKay, he knows the rules inside out and is a great guy to work with/be around.
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    +10 Dont disappear this time
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    +2 I am adding myself as a referral because it's Booce and anybody that knows him a decent amount knows what that means... Well, at least I think. Also, get some better internet my friend. Like come on!!!
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    +1 "If accepted while i'm at school I would run out the gates bc f**k it*
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    +2 Staff referral, knows the rules, fit for staff.
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    +1 Good dude, has experience
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    +1 Mature & Good Guy. I guess you need better internet xD.
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    +1 I think Cuddles has changed for the better, he is chilled out funny and honestly a great guy. Previous comments say he was removed from staff, and I believe in second chances.
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    +2 add me as a referral , i love this guy
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    +2 his name is cuddles, like come on. Who couldn't love this guy?
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    +2 after everything that you have been through, and being removed from staff, it's 100% time for a second chance.
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    -1 | You didn't meet the word count on either of the questions. Another reason would be, you've got quite a few warnings and your record isn't spotless, some of those would represent the California Department of Justice Roleplay server in a bad way, you also argue and can't conduct yourself to what I've heard, sorry. However, I've also personally heard a lot of good things, that's also represented by your commendations, but it's still that way. If you'd like to discuss it with me, I'll be more than happy to clear it up on Discord, I don't want any unnecessary arguments.
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    +1 been here for a while, respectable dude, definitely fit for staff
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    +2 Confirmed Referral - Great kid with a lot of knowledge. He is super active and polite with power. Be a great addition to the Staff Team.
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    // ========== INTERVIEW INVITATION ========== // @harryc788, We have reviewed your application and would like to meet with you to discuss a position in the CADOJRP. The selection process is very competitive - we look for members who meet requirements and exceed expectations. If selected, you will have the opportunity to gain some great experience that will substantially benefit you with your future goals and roles. We strongly recommend that you prepare for our upcoming discussion. Be prepared to extensively talk about yourself otherwise you will be disregarded in the selection process. If you simply respond with a few words, it shows a genuine lack of interest on your part. Remember, the more the better. Many people apply for these positions on a daily basis so it is up to you to show us you are the ideal candidate. We know everyone gets nervous, but if you are fully prepared and have done your research on how a regular interview you should have no problem. If you have problems talking with individuals and strangers you would probably struggle in and we recommend that you withdraw yourself from the selection process. Be advised, If you provide any false information in the selection progress, we cannot bring you onto our team. Only a few members of our team will even receive this information. Prior to connecting to our meeting you must have a functioning microphone as we will meet on our TeamSpeak Server at There, one of our recruiters will meet with you to conduct an interview. Teamspeak IP: ts.cadojrp.com Although we appreciate your interest, your application may be cancelled if you do not take action within 72 hours (3 days). Regards, Thomas J, Lieutenant Recruitment Services CADOJRP
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    +2 add me as staff referral, knows the rules, Would be a great edition to the team.
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    +2 add me as referral he’s a really good guy feel like he is fit for staff
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    +10 this man has previously been staff did a great job can’t wait to see what he will do this time
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    +2 you are an amazing kid who always is upbeat, helpful, and kind. Great fit.
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    +2 add me to ref I agree with Christian he’s super nice to he is super ready even if hes a lil under aged