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    Steam Name: ~r~ [SA] ~w~Paul R [713] Age: 17 Time Zone: GMT Activity Per Week? (1-7 Days) 4-7 Prior Role-play Experience Lots of experiance in CADOJRP as an leo fire ems and dispatch and then some experience in arma 3 life Server Play Time & Trust Score 22 Days, 14 Hours and 30 Minutes Do you have prior experience using a CAD/ MDT system? Yes as LEO and dispatch Do you have prior experience using RTO? Yes as LEO Fire and Medic as well as dispatch Reason for applying? (100 word minimum) I have chosen to apply for medic as it will give me another roleplay opportunity within the server and medics can play a vital role within priorities and allow roleplays to be taken further as then a medic will be on scene and with the new rewrite medics are going to have more of a job since now suspects need to be transported to city with the /hospital command being removed. Medic also seems like an interesting role to roleplay as since there are many different scenarios that medics can be involved with from ones with LEO to fire or solo scenarios where only medics are needed. Why should we choose you? (75 word minimum) You should choose me to be medic as I will be a dedicated member of the department and will be able to communicate with other departments or other medic units. I am able to learn things quickly and will be able to get the most from my training and i am able to take on any advice that is given to me by my higher-ups and will follow the chain of command strictly in order to help make the department a good place Do you plan to do Fire or EMS? EMS Do you agree to the following statement? Yes
  2. DENIED You seem to have not understood why you were warned and it was not just me but everyone in that general area that you were being disrespectful to please RE-APPEAL in 14 days