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  1. +1 hope you changed
  2. +1 hope you read the rules and understood them
  3. +2 belives he deserves a second chance.
  4. Mady Mohamed

    Kick Appeal

    your first kick was removed thanks for taking your time to read this have a great day
  5. Mady Mohamed

    Kick Appeal

    Only HA+ can Aprove using a explosive/Blacklisted Wepon
  6. Mady Mohamed

    Kick Appeal

    -1 you never adverted using the wepon
  7. Mady Mohamed

    Warn Appeal

    +1 make sure it doesnt happen agian. Enjoy rping
  8. +1 would love to see this come back was huge part of the community before
  9. +1 sounds like a great idea. Somthing new I havnt seen ever
  10. +1 Great guy knows, Very respectful
  11. Steam Name: ~r~ Mday Mohamed Steam Profile Link: Were you kicked or warned? warned When were you kicked/warned? 11/02/2019 11:11 PM What were you kicked/warned for? FailRP (crashing heli into other other heli thought it was AI) How will you avoid this happening again? I kept asking in rto who the plane was and noone responded so i went and looked at it and the ai crashed into me ik this is not alowed now