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  1. Easton


    +1 Im LOA chill boys
  2. Easton

    Easton Ban Appeal

    Steam Name: Easton Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/drdorms How long were you banned for? 1 day What were you banned for? Fail RP (setting prio while not onduty LEO), Shooting on POC (shooting a taser), Chaos RP | Approved by 3/4 Executive Staff How will you avoid this happening again? I will make sure to be on duty as leo to set the priority, in order to not fail rp. With regards to the shooting a tazer, I will make sure to wait until priority is available and that I have a valid reason. I did not know shooting a tazer was against the rules, but ignorance is not an excuse. In regards to Chaos RP, I will make sure to not do priorities with retards and that I will not involve big amounts of people. Priorities will be thought out to ensure fair, fun, but overall non-chaos rp.
  3. +4 Good guy, I believe he will be a good fit for staff
  4. +2 good guy, developer, will be fit for staff
  5. Easton

    Sandro's Staff App

    +2 referral. Will be a good staff member
  6. +4 alot of people don't see the good side in you. You had not necessarily the greatest history, almost getting in Trouble or calling staff to your priorities but I think you have changed a lot. You've learnt the rules and how things run on the server. I really do believe that you are ready for staff and will be an awesome member. You have been here for a while and I know you won't let us down. Now by hopefully becoming staff you will see the other side of things and see what we have to do on a daily basis. You are 110% undoubtedly ready and mature to handle a position in the CADOJRP staff team and I can't wait to see you on board.
  7. Easton

    Warn Appeal

    Steam Name: Easton D Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/drdorms Were you kicked or warned? Warned When were you kicked/warned? 01/21/20 What were you kicked/warned for? Force rp and rdm How will you avoid this happening again? Not do it again
  8. +1 think you'll do decent at staff. Good luck
  9. +1 previous staff. Knows what the fuck he's doing
  10. Easton

    cuddles staff app

    +2 I believe he can do a good job at staff
  11. +1 Good guy, keep up good work and I look forward to you being on the staff team.