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  1. Steam Name: Nick Crompton Age: 16 Time Zone: EST Activity Per Week? (1-7 Days) 5 Prior Role-play Experience: LAPD, LASD, and LAFD. Server Play Time & Trust Score: 20 days; 100% Do you have prior experience using a CAD/ MDT system? Yes Do you have prior experience using RTO? Yes Reason for applying? (100 word minimum) I am applying for Medic for the main reasons of learning about being an EMT, adding on to my role playing abilities, and especially just to have fun and help LEOs. I have considered applying to Medic many times, but figured that I wouldn’t have enough free time to do everything else on the server and am glad that I have a lot more free time as a Floating Agent. I have seen the EMTs in action here on the server and think it would be cool to be able to join them and make the RP better on the server. Lastly, not many people RP as being injured and making a 911 call because when Medics are on they are usually busy with a lot of other calls and I can be active. Why should we choose you? (75 word minimum) I feel that I should be chosen for this position because of my prior experience as an LAFD Lieutenant and from prior experience of just general LEO role play. I was a member of the LAFD for around three months and was BLS certified and have helped EMTs countless times with tending their patients or just being an extra set of hands. In addition to that, I also mentioned that I can be active when the majority of the Medic department is not online (Later EST Hours). Do you plan to do Fire or EMS? EMS Do you agree to the following statement? Yes "Do you hereby agree that, at any given point in time, we reserve the right to remove you from the department if we deem you unfit for duty?"
  2. The reason why Simple Trainer wouldn’t work is that it will definitely be abused by some players as there are no ways to setup permissions.
  3. vMenu is used so that we do not need something like Simple Trainer.
  4. @SimplyDexUser12 You were banned from DHSRP, they are always changing their name but you just look up "DHSRP" as I am not going to link their website.
  5. -1. Have already had a meta-gaming issue with this organization and it's not even approved yet.
  6. +1. Good group that can bring good RP.