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    It's the logo for the Organization that I co-lead.
  2. No doubt, but There are still certain rules and customs that come with owning an Organization, one of the main ones being: "Orgs can't RP that they "do everything." Such an organization would need to be massive for something like that. Orgs should be able to do 1 thing well, and another thing not so well." Please take into consideration other Organization's hustle's, you can see why they'd get defensive if you say that you can just do anything without the help of other Orgs.
  3. -1 @roofstated a valid point and you came back at him with attitude. Also "getting as many members as possible" never ends well in my opinion.
  4. +1 Would allow non-violent civ's to take part in more normalized activities.
  5. +1 Organized events are the catalyst for good RP
  6. In Game Name: Cay Steam Profile Link: How old are you?: 21 What is your Trust Score and Time Played?: 100% Trust Score, 9 Days, 30 Mins Why should we accept you into the staff team here at CADOJRP? (200 Word Minimum): I feel that I have been able to settle in nicely to CADOJRP, since starting back in July, I have seen my fair share of rule breakers and I would love to help enforce the rules alongside the rest of the staff team. I am a very easy-going, laid back person who has a lot of patience for people, especially newer players that may not know how to correctly RP or understand the rules, even as non-staff I have tried my best to help out other players to my best abilities. Whether it be setting them up on the CAD or informing them of the rules, I have helped many people stay out of trouble. I also think that I am good at communicating and understanding people's problems, and I am also very good at taking initiative in certain situations that may require immediate assistance. I will always have time for people no matter the conditions. I think that becoming a staff member will help me become more invested into the server as a whole, after becoming a co-owner of and Organization, I have learnt how to enforce rules, and create a safe environment for well constructed, and well planned RP and I would like to translate those skills into being on the staff team. Lastly, making friend and helping people is what drives me to carry on playing, and becoming staff will only elevate that experience for me in the long run. Why should we accept you over the other applicants? (150 Word Minimum): I think that as a non-NA native, I can help the staff team with the off-peak hours of CADOJRP, i.e. Weekdays/Nights since our time-zones are different by many hours. I also think that as someone with no warns, kicks, or bans in my entire stay at CADOJRP, I can safely say that in my opinion I know how to follow rules, and also how to enforce them, I strongly believe in maintaining an outstanding record is a key factor to successful RP as It doesn't hinder the way people view you. I also want to prove my worth to the community as a whole since I am already so invested in it. I am looking to become a more permanent figure in the community, and becoming a staff member would help me achieve that status. Lastly, I would say that I am very unbiased and will give punishments to people who deserve them, regardless of how well I know them or how close we are out of the game. Staff Referrals (Minimum of 2 Required): @Justin A @Mobster @Dominus Enfield @Marius S Activity per week? (1-7 days): 2-4 Days, (Mainly Thursday to Sunday) Do you agree with the following statement?: Absolutely! Do you hereby agree that, we, the CADOJRP Executive Staff Team, hold the right to remove you from our staff team at any given point in time, if we deem you unfit for staffing?
  7. +/- 1, Doesn't Weazle News have a LivePD sector?
  8. -1 There are so many contradictions in the application, I will list a few that I have noticed. ^^ This Sounds a lot like you're going to be using spectate to meta-game and invite yourself into people's RP You claim that you're these "Shadow" people, but your videos give off more of a mob family vibe (Fancy cars, Fancy Suits, etc.), surely the point of being an Unknown entity is to not draw attention to yourself. You want to make realistic RP, but claim your members have "Super Powers". Those are just a few reasons why it doesn't seem reasonable to me. Aside from those points, I also think you attract too much attention from the wrong people, and that then encourages you to act like a kid, I think you need to either re-evaluate the application or come up with something else that seems realistic. Sorry if you don't like what you read, its just my opinion based on past experiences with you and your peers.
  9. +1 Best Curry north of Vinewood Hills. No one can compete with these spicy bois!
  10. +1 I remember doing a scenario with him where a house-party turned sour after a dead body was found in the bathroom, Police came and there was a huge investigation, was a lot of fun. I also liked the street-racing you conducted. Great Guy, Great Roleplayer!
  11. -1 isn't 3/5's a derogatory term? Correct me if I am wrong but there's quite a few sources online that say that's the case.