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    Elaborate Hello, @Chase, please elaborate on the following topics: Reason for applying - Did not meet minimum word count and please use proper grammar Why should we choose you - Did not meet minimum word count and please use proper grammar This is an application to a department and at CADOJRP MEDIC Department, we take these applications very seriously. PLEASE NOTE CADOJRP'S DUAL CLANNING POLICY Notice: If you do not reply to this elaboration in 72 hours you will be denied for MEDIC. Regards, MEDIC Assistant Director [S123] Richie N.
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    Denied Hello, @Jose S, thank you for applying for MEDIC. We are sorry to inform you that your MEDIC application has been denied. Reasons for Denial: You have been blacklisted from the MEDIC Department Regards, Richie N. [S123], MEDIC Assistant Director
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  5. @Grim_Adehelm Thanks for sharing your suggestion on the forums! I'm a car guy myself but I stand by the current GoldVIP system in place for the following reasons: Exclusivity - This allows those that donate towards the server to enjoy the perks Less abuse - Let's say we make this a rule to use drift mode at 95% trustscore or higher. It would be very hard to enforce unless staff is there to spectate. Even with player reports, staff will usually act on EVIDENCE and not mere accusations that are "he said, she said" to provide a fair judgement. Quality over quantity - Although we love to see the server populated, what a lot of the community looks for are players who are dedicated and have great quality RP. Although you may have good intentions, it only takes one rotten apple to ruin the whole bunch. In order to minimize this, I believe the system we have in place for drift mode is adequate. However, I think creative changes could be made in the future to enhance RP. Again thanks for sharing man and this is just my personal opinion on the issue. I respect yours as well as the future opinions that may be shared on this thread.