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  1. Name: Curtis J. Rank: Senior Deputy Reason Why I Want To Join [50 Word Minimum]: I really love the idea of being in more sub divisions, it really brings a lot more variety and fun to the way i rp as an leo. I'd enjoy having more to do and more ways to do things compared to what i usually do. Its really fun interacting with other members of the community and extending my reach would be amazing. Having more utility in what would usually be another repetive 10-80 is a nice thought also. Air operations are a lot different to what i'm normally used to and it sounds really fun to me personally. What Make Me A Good Applicant [50 Word Minimum]: I learn extremely quickly, it doesn't take me long to learn an sou and how things operate in a sub division. I stick to an sou and i always learn from any mistakes i make, especially when it comes to being an leo. I'm fairly active as both an leo and a member of sub divisions, and i dedicate a decent amount of time to all of them, and the same would go for air ops of I was accepted. I can always be ready for any task I'm needed for and i'd be happy to be a part of air ops.
  2. I agree, i always see officers just pull an ar out of their ass, usually o try to at least go to or open my trunk first, or just use my pistol
  3. -1 you get grouppe 6 liveries with project yellow, which causes several problems if you want a grouppe 6 org., if you want a security organization, try making a private one that is more unique. I like having grouppe 6 as a public available thing, not limited to certain people
  4. I agree with the unrealistic stuff, i even do it sometimes. I try to keep it to a taser unless they're actively trying to hurt people, like yesterday when sporeburst tried hitting me with a machete and killed a civilian. It's all about the situation, which people don't seem to get when they head straight to the pistol on a suspect that is attempting to run away. A lot of us are doing this crap, i really think there needs to be some sort of training for lethal force and overall realism. Just to stop this crap from happening.
  5. Also high end sports cars, i personally never use them in sandy to begin with unless there's some car meet or i have to get to paleto or great ocean highway really quick
  6. Name: [575] Curtis J Rank: Senior deputy Reason Why I Want To Join [50 Word Minimum]: I really enjoy using bikes in gta, they're really fun to use. Most of the reasons i want to join is simple preference of using bikes over cars. I'd be a really active mbu member considering this fact, and i really want to put time into it. Other reasons i want to join include the fact that i enjoy 10-80's, and being an important asset in them would be amazing. What Make Me A Good Applicant [50 Word Minimum]: As said before, i love using bikes. I'm fairly decent at controlling them and i can maneuver pretty well in stressful situations. I'm active daily on the server and most of the time spent on the server is as leo. I promise to commit a decent amount of time to mbu throughout my time being leo. I have a pretty good standing with the community, and it would be great to take anything that would extend my reach a bit. 🙂
  7. Name: Curtis J. Rank: senior deputy Reason Why I Want To Join [50 Word Minimum]: I really enjoy 10-80's and searching for suspects, its really hard searching for someone on the ground, i much prefer being in the air. Air ops are a great tool in many different scenarios, and i personally think it would be fun. I know street names pretty well, so it wouldn't be too hard. I really love being a sheriff and air ops would be an amazing opportunity. I feel like i can do a great job at being air one in any scenario given to me. What Make Me A Good Applicant [50 Word Minimum]: I'm active every night, I'm pretty good at flying helicopters in gta. I'm fairly decent at communicating with other people, which is pretty critical in the functioning of air one. I have a decent amount of time on the server, and i put a lot of that into the sheriff's department. I'm quick at learning, and I'm quick to respond to any call. I also work very well with others in stressful situations.
  8. Name Jacob Vando Organization Name Jacob's Fun and Gun Purpose Of Organization Jacob's Fun and Gun is an arcade style area with activities such as Taser Tag and Golf Cart Racing. We specialize in non-priority related role plays, but every once in a while, we don't limit ourselves the harmless fun. When daylight ends, we always welcome activities such as fighting rings, drug smuggling, etc. So come on over, if you dare. Who will be leading the Organization? (Actual name, not RP) Steam - ~o~[575][SK9-09] Curtis J. Reason for Organizing? (100 Words Minimum) I've had multiple ideas for both non-priority and priority role plays. Most of these require a set area to do so, which i plan to have at postals 3032 and 3031. Most of my priority ideas can be incorporated into this area as well, as its perfect for illegal activities. I want it to mainly be a fun place for civs, with activities that i mentioned being taser tag, a laser tag like game using tasers. and golf cart racing, which is pretty straight forward. When it becomes night, i plan to host fighting rings, and other illegal activities that will be fun for both police and civs. I'll also have events that involve other organizations, whether it be the mafia, or dealerships, for a wide range of role plays. Do you agree to the following statement? Yes, I agree.
  9. Name: [575] Curtis J. Rank: Senior Deputy Date Hired: 9/1/19 Reason Why I Want To Join [50 Word Minimum]: There's always at least 1 priority every day where i have to sit back and let SRT handle things. Whether its a bank robbery or hostage situation, it gets kinda boring waiting on the sidelines for srt to finish the job for us. The main reason i want to be srt is for more action, being more of utility in situations like the ones stated above. There's also more unique priorities where i feel being srt would really be fun, like ones at humane labs for example. What Make Me A Good Applicant [50 Word Minimum]: I'm pretty much active as leo every day, I'd be ready for any situation where srt is needed. I dedicate myself to roleplays pretty well, especially in serious situations that we see with srt. Being "just good enough" to be in srt isn't what i'm aiming for. I want to apply myself to be better in all situations, which could very well start with srt. I can be decent at front line combat, though i do admit im very far from being amazing at it.
  10. Name & Callsign: [612] Curtis J. Rank: Deputy Sheriff Do you understand you will be a Canine first. Once you prove your self, you can be promoted to a Handler? Yes, I'm fully aware, and i would love having the role as a canine! Any previous experience as a K-9 Unit? If so please explain: I don't have any experience being a K-9, however i do understand some basics of being a K-9 unit, and the general way in which they operate from watching other K-9 units on scene. Reason for applying? Why you think you are suited for the position (75 Word Minimum): (ignore the emoji, it wont let me remove it)😞I personally want to have more roleplay opportunities. Simply being a deputy opens up a lot of opportunities already, but K-9 would make the experience much more interesting. I would like be more useful as a member of the sheriff's department, as well as being more involved with the community. K-9 would be fantastic for improving that goal, giving me a larger role than just simply a deputy. I learn fairly quickly, and get the job done when needed. I'm online pretty often, sometimes 6 hours a day for the most part, always at the ready. I believe I'm ready for the job, simply due to the amount i learned from being in the lasd these past few weeks. Do you understand you can be removed from K-9 operations at anytime for any reason? Yes, i understand.
  11. Steam Name: ~o~[612] Curtis J. Steam Profile Link: Were you kicked or warned? Kicked Who kicked/warned you? Unknown When were you kicked/warned? 09/05/19 What were you kicked/warned for? Speeding down alhambra||cop baiting How will you avoid this happening again? I'll chill out while going down alhambra, i usually don't check my speed often and i end up going 50 down alhambra by accident. I've been watching my speed more often and i plan to keep doing it.
  12. My steam name is ~o~[612] Curtis J. Sorry, forgot i changed it
  13. Steam Name: [612] Curtis J. Steam Profile Link: Were you kicked or warned? Warned Who kicked/warned you? N/A When were you kicked/warned? 09/24/19 7:39 pm What were you kicked/warned for? I was warned for unrealistic driving as an leo How will you avoid this happening again? I overestimated the capabilities of the crown vic and i ended up doing stupid stuff with it. I'll be more careful while traveling offroad, especially as a leo.