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  1. +1 clean record a plus
  2. +1 hopefully someone reffers you cause right now you only have 1
  3. David G.

    Ty's Staff App

    +1 good guy and very helpful for the community
  4. -1 reading this makes me feel like you can't take critism at all. Responses like this make me feel like you shouldn't be staff. If you give no respect to current staff then don't expect open arms by all of us? "Then go ahead and deny it if I copied and pasted my staff application, the only reason I left 4 weeks ago was due to the whole incident with the pedo. Numerous other people did the same thing and came back to staff, got moderator. Came back and asked for my position back and was told to just copy and paste my staff application. Because everyone else was getting upset that certain people were getting certain staff ranks without even having to reapply. But hey, do your job and deny this brother. You can find me in Discord if you want to "talk about why I copied and pasted." "
  5. +2 he is active in the community. He should do great.
  6. David G.

    warn appeal

    @[email protected]@Bryan @Floppy No longer staff
  7. +1 I have seen you around we should give you a shot
  8. +1 one of the highest times i have seen played on the server I assume you would know the rules by that alone
  9. @J. Kohler you did not provide the right link I had a hard time figuring out who you were.