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    Its all about how to get down
  2. Steam Name: Jackson Age: 16 Time Zone: BST Activity Per Week? (1-7 Days): Monday-Thursday, (3 hours a day) Prior Role-play Experience?: Played on other servers Server Play Time & Trust Score (/trustscore ID In Server): 12 hours and 50 minutes, 87% Do you have prior experience using a CAD/ MDT system?: Yes Do you have prior experience using RTO (Radio Traffic Only): Affirm. Reason for applying? (100 word minimum): The reason i am applying is because i want to use my prior experience and knowledge as a LEO in a community as i feel i can do well. I grew up in the hills so i was around police and the police station alot so i have been able to experience how 10-11s work and how i would proceed with doing so. I have been in servers as LEO before and ive rped in this server doing live PD so i know my stuff. Why should we choose you? (75 word minimum): I feel i should be chosen as i have past experience with using the radio and a mdt so i am able to run stuff through the database with no problem at all. The training will help me out to remember all the 10-11 stuff and radio things but past experience helps me alot Do you agree to the following statement Below?: I agree "Do you hereby agree that, at any given point in time, we reserve the right to remove you from the department if we deem you unfit for duty"