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    Tryeds kick appeal

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    Foop Kick Appeal

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  3. +1 Active and friendly, what else could you ask for
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    warn appeal

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    kick appeal

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    kick appeal

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    Sandro's Staff App

    +2 Confirmed Referral This is going to be my reasoning behind the matter of Sandro becoming accepted into our staff team. First of all I want to address that I have willingly put my name down as a referral as he has shown nothing but dedication towards the server in the time he has been within the community. I have known Sandro since day one of joining the CADOJ community. He was quick to take me under his wing and show me around the server, how to RP, what to look out for and how to play appropriately. Sandro has always shown an enthusiastic approach towards any situation and is the perfect roll model for the server, he has amazed me with how he handles situations and diffuses heated moments. On multiple occasions he has helped me with staff sits, this fills me with confidence that he would be fit for becoming a staff member of this community, his ability to calm down a situation and hear both sides already puts him ahead of any other staff applicants. I believe the prior knowledge of how to handle a situation would put you at a head start when it comes to staffing. As well as helping me with staff sits, we have created many fun and creative priorities together, his ability to come up with an idea like that really shows his creativity, this simply cannot be put to waste, if Sandro was to come into the team, I believe he could come up with some amazing ideas that could better improve the staff team that we already already have. If you have met Sandro in game, you would have noticed how chilled out, calm and collected he is, he is honestly one of the best guys I have met on this server. I have caught Sandro helping out new players with the cad, peds, rules ect... This shows that he loves to help out new members of the community, even if he doesn't get rewarded for it, he simply does it out of deep love for the server. He has demonstrated his maturity and kind hearted actions over and over that it is only right to put him on the staff team. As well as this, Sandro is not a rule breaker, not once have I had an issue with him breaking a rule, this shows that he cares about his representation in front of other players. Sandro has always wanted to help out, whether it is to-do with staffing/server maintenance or within a server department. He has demonstrated this with the LASD, simple things like how he talks to suspects on a 10-11 really goes along way when it comes to how friendly he is, he always has an open mind when greeting new people and does not jump to conclusions. Sandro goes above and beyond trying to keep newcomers out of trouble during their "entry phase" he understands that new players most likely have not read through the rules therefor goes out of his way to spend countless time helping each new player he meets to make sure that they don't break the rules. It is great that we have these people within out community to help people out, even if they do not gain anything from it. Sandro could recite the rules off the back of his hand, if ever I have a question about a rule, most of the time I ask Sandro as he studies the rules religiously. In conclusion Sandro has been a proud member of this community for over 7 months now, this shows his determination and loyalty towards the server I truly believe there is no one greater to add to the staff team than Sandro...
  8. Wasted

    Warn Appeal

    @Paul R Please do not tag staff in your appeal. Thanks