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  1. +2 very mature person, would be ideal for staff.
  2. +2 Staff Referral confirmed
  3. // ========== STANDARD REJECTION ========== // @OrbitalKraken, Due to the high volume of applications that we receive, you must write complete and thoughtful answers. One sentence, or unthoughtful answers will cause your application to be rejected. Unfortunately the answers you have provided are not up to the standards set by CADOJRP or you do not meet some of our requirements. Please feel free to reapply in a (14) day time. Regards, Chris Abbott, Sergeant Recruitment Services CADOJRP
  4. In Game Name: Chris Abbott Steam Profile Link: How old are you? 29 What is your Trust Score and Time Played? 6Days, 5 Hours, 30 Minuets / 100% Why should we accept you into the staff team here at CADJRP? (200 Word Minimum) Since day one when joining CADOJRP I have been a lot of players breaking Character, As me being LEO, Such of stealing police vehicles, I have helped a few people out with customizing their character for the RP Sessions, I have also seen a lot of people breaking the server rules such of RDM & VDM, My goal on becoming staff with CADOJRP is to be there to support and offer assistance to other players and other staff members when needed. I want to make CADOJRP a better place and a better community for all of those who want to play serious role playing. I have seen a lot some of LEO breaking the speeding laws of the roads, And Medic / Fire. To be honest I don’t like it when people break the rules that is in place, for such as Priorities I have seen that players are breaking the priority rules by committing VDM & RDM, And Cop Baiting, I am applying for staff because of I want to be on there when other staff members are not on their and enforce the rules and regulations of the community / server. The same rules apply for everyone else, and not just for one person. Why should we accept your over the other applications? (150 Word Minimum) As my application is kind of unique to all, that I do follow the rules mainly and do not really like to hang around people who cause amount fail rp, and start throwing accusations towards people, I believe everyone should get a second chance and that the person who breaks the rules shouldn’t get a constant warn, I do believe that I could make CADOJRP a better place and fun for everyone else in the community, I got by looking at peoples trustscore in game and to see if their eligible to be warned for the offense of breaking the rules and regulations of the server. And that I will be spending the hours while on server in game looking into what people are doing if they are breaking the rules and regulations by spawning vehicles near populated areas such near other civilians on the server. I would prefer to take a different approach to dealing with incidents towards if people break the rules. As of we do need to look at evidence of video footage etc. Staff Referrals (Minimum of 2 Required): @Oblivion @Paul R @RayLafatang6969 Activity per week? (1-7 days) 7-30 Days Do you agree with the following statement? Yes
  5. Steam Name: Chris Abbott Age: 29 Time Zone: UK GMT Time Activity Per Week? (1-7 Days) 7 Days Prior Role-Play Experience CADOJRP: Sheriff Server Play Time & Trust Score: 4 Days 14 Hours , Trust Score 100% Do you have prior experience using CAD / MDT Yes Reason for Applying? (100 word minimum) I want to join fire/ ems is because I want extra playing time and would like to help people in RP and learn more things to do with fire / ems, I believe doing the fire / ems as another role play scenario would be ideal for me to do, and do extra within the server. Why should we choose you? (75 word minimum) As of I want to Join the department as because I’m already apart of Sheriff Department and believe I could help more people, and i already know priorities, I know the cad too, I believe I could bring better to the department, and to my fellow employees. Do you plan to do Fire or EMS? Fire & EMS Do you agree to the following statement? Yes
  6. +1, Good idea, to have a organization on the server for those who are wanting to do Live PD, And would be great for streamers.
  7. Steam Name: Chris Abbott Steam Profile Link: Were you kicked or warned? Warned Who kicked/warned you? Sai(chuck) When were you kicked/warned? Warned What were you kicked/warned for? Interfering with a priority How will you avoid this happening again? Not to interfere with an active priority again, and next time to find out to see if I am the active priority or not.
  8. Steam Name: Chris Abbott Age: 29 Time Zone: GMT UK Time Activity Per Week? (1-7 Days) 7-10 Prior Role Play Experience? Arma 3 RP, Mayfair County South Carolina. Server Play Time & Trust Score (/trustcore ID) 11Hr 30Min 86% Do you have prior experience using a CAD/ MDT System? As a Civilian. Reason for Applying? (100 word minimum) As my wife was a cop in real life in the U.S, and have some experiences from my wife who has partly helped me to understand some things a little better, And think I could help people out in the RP server if needed. I went by the recruitment place at the yellowjack with Justin. A, Chuck and Easton was there too which I was speaking to them. I did play on Arma 3 as police officer in RP and MayFair County South Carolina, But wanted something a little more serious rp to play on. I also have Gold VIP. Why should we choose you? (75 word minimum) I’d like to be chosen as a police officer to protect and serve my local area, whether that is Sandy Shores or Los Santos, I’d like to be taught new things whether that is traffic or patrol, and for I do have real life experiences as I said in my reason for applying. But do believe I could obviously later on would like to be an FTO someday. I also would like to go up the ranks of a police officer. Do you agree to the following statement Below? I do yes, I hope I get accepted as the latest to the police force.