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  1. Jose S

    Ban Appeal?

    I am just wondering could someone check if I am banned in the staff panel if so @ me and I will post an appeal.
  2. Jose S


    No, I don't know who said that because Arthur said I left in good terms. @Bryan
  3. Jose S


    Nearly forgot @Chris Abbott good job on chief dad. You better have learnt how to give drugs.
  4. Jose S


    Just wanted to come here and say hi to some of my old friends, apparently I was removed from cado for no reason even tho I am not banned. But HAs want to assume that they can. Hi smelly dooodoo @Curtis J.
  5. +2 Add me as a referral.
  6. +2 Add me as a referral. Fit for staff. Got the discount codes if u need it.
  7. +2 Add me as a referral very active guy and very mature
  8. Jose S

    Mint's Appeal

    No longer staff @Bryan @Comma @Paul R @Brady W @Henry
  9. Jose S

    Kick Appeal

    Have you joined the server with your new name? @CybxrTV