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  1. +2 Pretty calm, chill dude. Knows the rules, and knows how to enforce them properly.
  2. -DENIED- You may re appeal in 14 days.
  3. Renegade

    LYFT Ban Appeal

    @Bryan @Comma @Cook @Paul R
  4. Renegade


    @Easton Boy check your forums
  5. +2 Absolute legend, Not afraid of anyone, Good with pressure and difficult situations. Would be a great addition to the staff team. (Edited as SA's +2 now for normal, and +4 for a referral now)
  6. People that are saying he is unfit for staff need to provide a reason. Otherwise your -1's don't count.
  7. Big +1 To be completely honest this is one of the best applications I have read in a while. Some people learn the rules on this server, and gain respect for people on it in different ways I guess you could say haha, And it seems as though you genuinely want to help this server out to the best of your abilities. You have had issues in the past, and clearly no one is denying that, But people change, And it looks like you could be a prime example. I would love for you to join the staff team, and show us what you got 🙂
  8. -ACCEPTED- We believe in second chances, And you are being given one. Do not mess this up. Approved by Comma
  9. Renegade

    Kick Appeal

    +1. I want to see you stay out of trouble. Good guy, just choose the wrong crowd to hang around. Don’t let other influence you to do dumb things in the server.
  10. +2 add me as a referral. I remember hammer from back in the summer, always a genuine kind guy, knows what he’s doing, deserves to be back on the staff team.
  11. Renegade


    Please link your steam profile @Kobehuskerdude717