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Telly Roberts Park Ranger Application

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Name: [573]Telly Robert

Rank: Senior Deputy Sheriff

Reason Why I Want To Join [50 Word Minimum]: Out of all the sub divisions the sheriffs office has to offer i always thought park ranger was my favorite due to the different RP scenarios i can get into that usually wouldn't happen in a city environment. I also have always loved the outdoors and mother nature and would love to protect the forests and everyone in them.

What Make Me A Good Applicant [50 Word Minimum]: I always put in my all when it comes to my job and i like to make sure that the people around me are safe. I also lived in Blaine county for most of my life so i have a good understanding of the forests, los santos and blaine county. I will also be very active in my sub division because im on atleast 5-6 hrs a day and more when winter break hits

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Please put this in pending

Proud Moderator with the CADOJRP Staff Team, Serving since 10/13/2019

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Contact My self, Braeden D., or Curtis J. For training 


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