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Steam Name: Hayden


Age: 13




Time Zone: US Central Time




Activity Per Week? (1-7 Days): 3 days a week




Prior Role-play Experience: RPed a lot as a civilian then working with medical.




Server Play Time & Trust Score /trustscore ID In Server) :  trustscore 100% days 16?



Do you have prior experience using a CAD/ MDT system? Yes i do have prior experience with the CAD as a civilian and as a medic 




Do you have prior experience using RTO? Yes i do




Reason for applying? (100 word minimum) I am applying for California Highway Patrol because I want to help out. My family has not always been on the right side of the law and I want to change that. I have always loved being on the open road but have also seen a lot of bad drivers and want to help make it a safer place to drive. I have several friends who are apart of CHP and they have all recommended the department and the family like atmosphere. The respect that the troopers show to everyone they work with is a big value to me and I want to be apart of.



Why should we choose you? (75 word minimum) I think you should choose me because I have always been a highway girl. The highway is a privilege to drive on and people need to know that that can be taken away if they do not respect that. I value Respect and integrity, no matter who I am working with or being with I will have the same respect and treat them the same. I look at the big picture and want to know what happened with my own eyes and not just judge someone on what someone has said. Being apart of EMS I have had training on driving code 2 and 3 and feel very safe and good at it. 




Have you been apart of the CHP on our server within the last 10 months? No




Do you agree to the following statement? Yes

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We have reviewed your application and would like to meet with you to discuss a position in the CADOJRP. The selection process is very competitive - we look for members who meet requirements and exceed expectations. If selected, you will have the opportunity to gain some great experience that will substantially benefit you with your future goals and roles.


We strongly recommend that you prepare for our upcoming discussion. Be prepared to extensively talk about yourself otherwise you will be disregarded in the selection process. If you simply respond with a few words, it shows a genuine lack of interest on your part. Remember, the more the better. Many people apply for these positions on a daily basis so it is up to you to show us you are the ideal candidate. We know everyone gets nervous, but if you are fully prepared and have done your research on how a regular interview you should have no problem.


If you have problems talking with individuals and strangers you would probably struggle in and we recommend that you withdraw yourself from the selection process. Be advised, If you provide any false information in the selection progress, we cannot bring you onto our team. Only a few members of our team will even receive this information.


Prior to connecting to our meeting you must have a functioning microphone as we will meet on our TeamSpeak Server at  There, one of our recruiters will meet with you to conduct an interview.


Teamspeak IP:

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California Highway Patrol Hiring Team would like to congratulate you on being accepted into the CHP. We feel you will be a valuable asset to our community and genuinely look forward to getting to know you, as well as working with you. A Field Training Officer (FTO) will be contacting you.

Once again congratulations, and welcome to the CADOJRP




Sergeant Matthew Starr

Recruitment Services


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