Austin M

Austin M. Staff Application

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In Game Name:


 ~w~ Austin


Steam Profile Link:

How old are you?




What is your Trust Score and Playtime?


 Trust Score 100% (Still appealing warns & kicks) and 23 days. 


Why should we accept you into the staff team here at CADOJRP? (200 Word Minimum)


There are multiple reasons why I think you should accept me into the staff team for CADOJRP.  To begin with, I want to start enforcing the rules and help keep CADOJRP doing well and thrive. To do this, it requires skills that you need to have to be able to be a staff member such as; patients, kindness, strictness, and more. This is a second reason, I have all the necessary skills to be a part of the staff team. All these things I have listed are things that I have, and me joining the staff team with these skills can benefit the staff team and CADOJRP as a whole. Professionalism is very important while being staff, and especially when part of a staff team, along with maturity. I have both these traits that come in effect when staff, and dealing with a staff situation. In addition to being mature, using your staff powers is a big responsibility, and I can handle that. I will use my warning, kicking, banning, and commending responsibly and not abusive. 


I have learned from the things that happened in the past, such as my warnings and kicks and now try to be the best person I can be in the server. Since I learned my lesson, I would like others to learn from their mistakes, and I will try to do this as best I can when part of the staff team. 


Why should we accept you over the other applicants? (150 Word Minimum)


There are many reasons why I should be accepted into the staff team over other applicants. To begin with, I am dedicated to the server and willing to put in the time and effort it takes to be part of the staff team. Like I said in the question above, I am responsible and mature. I think my maturity and responsibility is better than some other possible applicants or current staff members. Secondly, I work very well when handling situations that involve breaking the rules in CADO. Again, I think my ability to handle staff situations is greater than some others. For example, when in a staff situation I am sure to see all points of views from the different people in the situation. This is very important because you need to make sure you are taking the appropriate actions. 


Attitude and the way you treat people in the server is also something big. Staff having a good, positive attitude represents the server in a good way. I don’t just have an attitude towards treating others well, I also like to improve on myself, especially my staffing skills. This is another reason you should accept me into the CADOJRP staff team. 

Staff Referrals (Minimum of 2 Required): 

@David G. @Richard A.

Activity per week? (1-7 days)


 5-7 days per week

Do you agree with the following statement?


Do you hereby agree that, we, the CADOJRP Executive Staff Team, hold the right to remove you from our staff team at any given point in time, if we deem you unfit for staffing?


I agree with the following statement. 

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-1 I’ve seen you around and believe your maturity is not there yet.




LASD Lieutenant 543

Co-Founder Of Weazel News

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my bad i got demoted but i love this guy he had some bumps but i think you will be a great fit 

California Highway Patrol Department

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Highway Patrol  Commander

CHP Division Command

CHP Field Training Officer
FTP Lead

Air Ops Master Pilot
 lead of Recruitment Tea,
MBU officer 

Los Angeles Communications Department


Communications Department 
    deputy director 

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Discord: Richard Andrade#8557

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+1 this guy is pretty familiar with the server and knows his way around. Great guy and should be on the staff team!



Trial Moderator 1/27/2020

Moderator 2/15/2020

Reserve CHP Commander 

Ex. LASD Major

"The Fact is" - TheCreativeComma

"Lemme eat your butt" - Zack 'Officer Tits'

Member since 9/26/19

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