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Sam C.

Sam C.s k9 application

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K.9 Application Format

Name & CallsignSam C. [535]


Do you understand you will be a Canine first. Once you prove your self, you can be promoted to a Handler? Yes

Any previous experience as a K-9 Unit? If so please explain: Yes I was previously a canine.

Reason for applying? Why you think you are suited for the position (75 Word Minimum) I love seeing the K9s do their job and catch criminals. I also miss when I used to be K9. I also have noticed we have a lack of K9 officers in the Sub-division and they could be used for lots of rps but they never are available. I want to change that the best I can with the skills I have in K9 from my previous position in K9. I know how to do proper rp's with K9. That is my reson for applying and why I feel I am suited for the position as K9.

Do you understand you can be removed from K-9 operations at anytime for any reason? YES

--Sam C.--





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Im a bit confused, If ur the k9 Director why did u apply? CONFUSION  

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