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Captain_Comrade Organization Application

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  • Name
    Kyle Kennedy
  • Organization Name
    Department Of Homeland Security
  • Purpose Of Organization
    To Protect The United States Of America
  • Who will be leading the Organization? (Actual name, not RP)
    Kyle Kennedy AKA FreshLasanga (me)
  • Reason for Organizing? (100 Words Minimum)
    I Would Like the honour to protect the USA from attacks that may threaten the life of any citizen e.g Terrorism, Arson, Bombing's etc i am hoping this can become official like the CIA so we can fully protect the USA i believe this org can do good for the server and can make a difference i would like to run the DHS and if it becomes official i will still like to contribute to the DHS even if i loose charge of it so be it as long as i can think that "hey i made this and the server is better" thats all i want for a brilliant server so a new federal agency can help please if you agree +1 and this can go somewhere and so can we.
  • Do you agree to the following statement?
    Yes I Do Very Much

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-1 Don't think it's a good idea. 

Thomas J.

California Department of Justice Role-play Member Since the October 21st, 2018

CADOJRP Senior Administrator

CADOJRP Administrator's Leader (Team A)




[Teamspeak] - CHP Assistant Commissioner's Office - Thomas J. (California Highway Patrol Department)

[Teamspeak] - Los Angeles Fire Department Chief's Office - Thomas J. (Los Angeles Fire Department)

[Teamspeak] - Communications Chief - Thomas J. (Los Angeles Communications Department)

[Teamspeak] - Waiting for Support Channels (CADOJRP Staff Team)

[Discord] - CADOJRP Support Tickets (#need-support)


Department Positions:

California Highway Patrol Department Assistant Commissioner [202]

Los Angeles Fire Department Deputy Chief [Chief 9] - Department Leadership

Los Angeles Communications Department Communications Chief [C-103]

Mecklenburg EMS Agency Emergency Medical Technician [MEDIC-17]



The Costello Family

The Capo Di Tutti Capo

Frank Costello

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