Comic's Staff Application

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In Game Name: Comic

Steam Profile Link:

How old are you? 16 

What is your Trust Score and Playtime? 8 days , 8 Hours , 35Minutes and a 100% Trustscore

Why should we accept you into the staff team here at CADOJRP? (200 Word Minimum) 

 I would like to join the CADOJ staff team because I have a lot of experience in enforcing the rules not only server rules but the law as well.I have been a LEO for awhile now and i feel like being a LEO has set me up to succeed in the staff team.I always love being able to help the community in any way I can, especially by making the server more RP friendly such as people are allowed to RP without having constant interruption by someone who has no intent to RP. I am a very friendly person.I feel that I am ready for the next chapter. I am ready  to help both the new players that join the server all the time even though I am not staff. Even when I am not LEO I always look to help those who are just looking to have a good time and RP with their friends. I do not want staff for the power but I want it for the ability to help make a difference in the server. I want to give back to the CADOJ community by helping those who can’t help themselves.Some need help on learning the basics of the server, and others just need to be set in the right path. I have been in this community for awhile now and I have seen the great work  the staff team does. They are motivated to help and are extremely helpful.I want to help impact and make a difference to someone.With my previous experiences of being staff on another server and looking out for 30+ server I am familiar with how to do my job as staff and with that I can help myself become a good staff member that can help the community for the better. I feel that since I have been a LEO I have seen things where people can get out of hand and either there was not enough staff to help contain them or there was no staff on.I am active everyday even when I am sick,tired,or injured I do my best to hop on and have fun with my friends I hope to see another part of the community and I hope I can make a difference and spread the good vibes CADOJ is known to spread.


Why should we accept you over the other applicants? (150 Word Minimum)

 What makes me a great applicant is that I know exactly what I am doing.I never lose my temper or will abuse my power in any way shape or form.In IRL I have many leadership positions which has also put me up for success.I am a friendly person but if you break a rule regardless if you are my friend I will treat you like anyone else.I am extremely dedicated to this server and devote as much time as I can to help better it. I may not be on all the time because I have things IRL but when I do I make sure I help those you ask.I want to do everything in my power to help make the server better for the newcomers, our players and previous players who left because they thought CADOJRP was no good.I want to give the players a better RP by preventing people who either fail RP or who have no intent to RP. Many people choose this server because they are here to have fun and play with their friends. What makes me a good applicant is I want the power to stop the people who interrupt and cause chaos and ruin it for others.I want to help people to the best of my ability I don't want the power just for power.I want the power to create a safe server for all to enjoy.

Staff Referrals (Minimum of 2 Required):

LYFT,Blizzard & David G

Activity per week? (1-7 days) Everyday

 Do you agree with the following statement? Yes I do

 Do you hereby agree that, we, the CADOJRP Executive Staff Team, hold the right to remove you from our staff team at any given point in time, if we deem you unfit for staffing?

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+2 Referral Confirmed

Los Angeles County Sheriff Department

LASD Lieutenant [547]

Field Training Officer

Air Operations Services Assistant Director

HR Department Head Recruiter
Proud Member Since: 06/30/2019


"I STAY DRIPPIN" ~ J. Kohler
"It Really Do Be Like That Some Times" ~ Reso
"Lets Be Reasonable Here" ~ Comma
"How Can You Be Sick As A Medic" ~ Chris to Tony D.
"He Left Just Like My Dad" ~ Renegade
"CurryDiction" ~ Booce

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That’s why they call it the present.” ~Master Oogway

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when i met this guy i knew he was going to be a good leo in this server and he was i believe that he would be a great fit for staff 

California Highway Patrol Department

Image result for chp logo

Highway Patrol  Commander

CHP Division Command

CHP Field Training Officer
FTP Lead

Air Ops Master Pilot
 lead of Recruitment Tea,
MBU officer 

Los Angeles Communications Department


Communications Department 
    deputy director 

Image result for discord

Discord: Richard Andrade#8557

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+1 great leo would make a even better staff member 

500 Sheriff

Senior Admin

SuperVisor 103 Medic

Comma 10-3 10-3 10-3 I only like anime women

Keisuke Takahashi [554] aka King Omegle- Why role play when you can 360 drift 

 Carl- Chris I can't take you serious as a drug Dealer

I deleted your picture -Todd

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+1 stated above




LASD Lieutenant 543

Co-Founder Of Weazel News

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+1 I believe comic should be apart of the staff team because he is pretty great at his LEO job which can be useful towards being a staff member.



Trial Moderator 1/27/2020

Moderator 2/15/2020

Reserve CHP Commander 

Ex. LASD Major

"The Fact is" - TheCreativeComma

"Lemme eat your butt" - Zack 'Officer Tits'

Member since 9/26/19

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+2 Add me as referral. Great guy, professional, knows the rules pretty well.

--A. Uppan--

CADOJRP Moderator


LASD MBU Director

LASD DTU Inspector

LASD Internal Affairs Agent

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Comic is the kind of guy who you ask him to do something, and he gets it done. He loves enforcing the law as an LEO and he loves roleplaying on the server. He also keeps a level head and is likable. Make him a mod yesterday, seriously.

Area Commander Brandon Stark
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department


Command Advisor
Los Angeles Communications Department


Director, LASD TIG Promotion Subdivision
Assistant Director, LASD Detectives Unit

Trial-Moderator, CADOJRP

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+1 super active great LEO

Clyde M

Las Angeles Sheriff's Department

Assistant Sheriff

Director Of Disciplinary Action

All Purpose

Emergency Medical Services



Med center Air

Tactical Medic

Las Angeles Communications Department


Staff Team


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+1 Good Leo so will be good staff




Floating Agent 708




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