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CADOJRP was founded in November of 2017. We've worked to grow our community into a place people call their home. Through battles of their own, the players are what make our community. We're glad to announce that we are back for the reopening in November of 2020. We hope to see everyone there!
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    APPLICATION DENIED Dear Applicant, Thank you for applying to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. Your current application has been DENIED. This means you’re no longer moving forward within our application process. Your application has been denied due to: Failure to reach words limit Needs to reword and fix grammar We politely ask that you wait at least TWO weeks before reapplying. Any contact to a LASD Command Staff member regarding the denial of your application will result in a permanent blacklist from joining the LASD, and will be referred to other departments at their discretion. Thank you for applying, and as I previously stated, wait at least TWO weeks before reapplying. Sincerely, 525 | Andrew T. HR Recruitment Services CADOJRP
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