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  1. +1 Great guy, Good app.
  2. -1, Did not meet the word requirement
  3. I would like to note that I did not kick anyone for not being in flight RTO, It was a warning.
  4. In Game Name richnick9 or 245 | Nicholas R Trustscore 99 Was this a kick or a warning? Warn What did you do? Play airsoft/ shooting on hold How are you going to make sure this doesn't happen again? I don't think I should have got a warn for It I was told by the head guy of an airsoft discord, he told me that a few staff members have done said that he could play airsoft so I joined him. I will not be playing airsoft again. I will not shoot on hold again. Have you read our rules? Yes Who kicked/warned you? MrBoogyBam
  5. Steam ID: https://steamid.io/ https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198984473743/ Trustscore: 100% Age: 16 Name: Nicholas Chappell Timezone: central How many days of the week can you be active LACD? 6 Have you ever been in a FiveM Roleplay server before? Yes Are you currently a member of another community? No If yes, what community? Have you had real life experience in law enforcement, fire/EMS. or military service? No If yes, what experience? Why would you like to join this department? (150 words minimum) Hello. I would first like to say the I'm apart of the California highway patrol as I'm a corporal for now, but don't think that I'm not a good fit for the job just because of that. I'm the best person for the job due to some personal experience. My grandpa was apart of the USCG and I loved listening to his stories they where the best times of my life, and every since I wanted to do that when I get to the right age. I watch a ton of videos about the USCG all the time so I'm always learning, and now the best server I have ever been In now has it. I dream about doing this great job and how interesting it is. I think I would make a good fit to this department I train my aim/driving everyday in regular GTA. There would be nothing I would not attempt to do and progress at. I have a lot of passion for this job and I'm always ready for the worst case scenario. Thanks for reading this I look forward to reading a decision from the department soon have a good day. Why should we pick you over other applicants? (150 words minimum) Hello, again. You should pick me because I can get on when ever and I'm always ready for anything. I'm very mature by I listening and I don't question orders given. For example, if my commander told me to go in a building unarmed, and in that build was a bomb and 5 guys with guns, I would not second guess I would go right In. I do what I'm told no matter the cost. I'm ruthless, accurate, trustworthy, cold-hearted when need be and willing to die for my country. I got the right mindset, and I would let nobody down or leave anyone behind. In my opinion, I'm generally a good person and fun to hang around with. I'm willing to give my life so that others may survive. I see myself as nice while strict, and I make my first priority to get the innocent out of harms way. I don't mess around I actually get the duties done. I don't fight with higher-ups, because I understand their rankings. I'm willing to learn and hear the other side of the story. I'm one with the people they love me and trust what I say. So, if I told them to back away for a scene they would but if another member asked I'm not sure the outcome. I can help new and maybe older people of the department and nobody can offer what I can I will put my all into the USCG. I look forward to hopefully seeing you in the future. Thanks for reading and have a good day. Adding me to the department would be a good step in the right direction for the department on small improvements. Personally, I believe, the department is in good standing and well rounded. If I do get accepted into the department I am sure I would be able to find small areas for improvement once I get some more insight. I would like to note that picking me will not be a mistake. And my time played is 14 days & 30 mins. Do you hereby agree that, at any given point in time, we reserve the right to remove you if we deem you unfit for duty? Yes
  6. In-Game Name richnick9/271 | Nicholas R Discord Name richnick9#1758 TeamSpeak Name 271 | Nicholas R Current Age 16 Trustscore 100% Playtime 12 days and 12 hours and 13 minutes Why should we chose you? This is a great sever, and I want to make it better by being staff. Most people consider me to be a very mature and chill person. While having those characteristics I still follow the rules the of this server in all aspects. I'm on most of the time I am awake and sometimes staff is not on. While staff is not persent there will be people VDMing and RDMing, and at that time nobody can stop them. I do understand how aggravating that is, and I would put a stop to that when most staff member are unavaliable. To start I would hear both sides of the story and get their scenario. A safe and fun role play experience for everyone is what I strive for which is why I would make sure to hear out all parties involed and not just a police officer or someone I might potentially know. This may not be much, but I was my school president and did a great job so that does show my level of dedication when I commit to something. I'm excellent at helping players that don't know what to do even though I do am not staff athourity. I believe I have helped well over 20 new people in this server. I stress that I take roleplay seriously, because when I see people failing RPing I get there I.D number and report them to staff. I want people to feel at home when they join this server, and not like they are just in another regular server. I am one with the people they trust me and will do what I say is good for them to do. I'm dedicated and I respect everyone. I'm also on every day for at least a few hours approximately 4-16 hours. I know all the rules and how to handle people breaking them. I have watched staff deal with different situations, so I will know what to do when an issue arrises. I am a very fast learner with a lot of spare time to play on this server. I hope to see you soon and I appreciate your time on read this, and have a good day. Why do you want to become staff? I want this server to run better and I am able to provide assistance with that. Everyone having a great time is what I want to see, because seeing other people have fun it raises my mood and makes me happier. I want to prevent people from breaking rules and help them go in the right direction. By joining this team I genuinely think I could really improve roleplay experience for new and old players by helping them anytime they need it. As I have previously mentioned I want this server to fill like home to everyone, and I think I could really help on doing that. I know that if I ever have a question staff would be happy to help me and I like to provide that same comfort to others. I want to help the people of this great server by being staff, so I can help more people then I already am. This server is starting to gain some popularity so that means a lot more rule breakers, therefore, staff has to stay on there toes 24/7. I would be able to help ease some of the stress and also be on at times most staff are unable to. I remember the first day I got FiveM it was a great day and ever better due to the staff server. That experience is what i would strive to give other on an every day basis. This was the first server I ever joined, and still to this day the only server I play on. I can handle any rule breaker and give them the fit punishment. I see people breaking the rules all the time and I report them to staff even If I know them. I remember a night ago or two ago someone was breaking the rules while nobody was on to help, and that would have been a perfect time for me to be a pert of the staff. I have passion for this individual server and staff team. I would never intentionally break a rule and I belived I am well vedrsed on the rules as well. I am very adaptable, resillent, and steadfast; if there is any rules i do not know it would not take me any time to get familiar with them. If given the chance I will not let anyone down. I don’t see trying to become staff to “flex” because I take becoming staff as an enjoyable job that I want to do. I play a lot as leo and I'm apart of the C.H.P. I'm only a master trooper within the C.H.P., but I wear that with honor. I experience a lot of rule breakers when I'm on duty. There are a lot of people running/shooting on hold/cooldown/inprogress, and that's really annoying not just for me but for all LEO and most civilians. During something like that I do all I can to get there I.D and report them, but sometimes I can't get there ID or staff is unable show up. That is another situation where I could handle it my self is I was a part of the staff. Thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon. Will you adhere to all rules and enforce all rules upon players equally? Yes Member/Staff Referrals Hernandez
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