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  1. +1 hes a good guy and hes fair with his decisions
  2. +1 good dude very professional
  3. +1 don't be racist, my one chance ill give
  4. -1 you didnt even bother to write a response to one of the questions. please learn to drive more realistically especially during a pursuit.
  5. // ========== INVITATION ========== // @S1lentDeath4444 The California Highway Patrol would like to congratulate you on passing your application, and we’d like to invite you for an interview with us. In this interview we look forward to getting to know you better, find out what your skills and weaknesses are and see if you’re a good fit for the department. All you have to do is go to our discord and open a ticket in #request-training. We wish you the best of luck! Discord: https://discord.gg/hWcpJ4XK49 TeamSpeak3: ts.cadojrp.com Regards, Marvii.M | Major Field Training Program, CHP CADOJRP Notice: Even though your application is accepted, you are not yet part of CHP until you pass your interview. Notice: If you do not accomplish your TeamSpeak3 interview within 72 hours you will be denied.
  6. +1 He is professional and deserves a shot at helping maintain the community
  7. -1 its common sense that a taser cannot be shot like a semi auto pistol. Please try and be more realistic the warning will stick.
  8. -1 you have an extensive record and have advised several times to read our rules. I hope you learn to stop messing around in the future but this kick will stick.
  9. +1 when a teleports to you and tries to speak with you please listen you were unrealistic driving read the rules
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