Accepted Ban Appeal


Discord Name: XLP | Blackeagle#5981

Steam Name: blackeagle

Punishment Type: perm ban

Reason Listed: Poaching and Acting as a gang without being accepted

Staff Member: Clyde

Why it should be appealed: My ban should be appealed because we were having a protest that started with four people in front of the police station to change the name of the "fagio" and a couple other dumb things. After the "peaceful protest" I then got a sniper rifle from the gun store, followed cops around and found a location where we could shoot them for "not listening to the protest" in retaliation. I love the server and all of the staff within the server even though I was heated at the time and told Clyde to fuck off (main reason I got a ban instead of a kick). I then after the server proceeded to stop thinking about cado and was going to take a break from fivem until maddhadders2018 suggested we got on a new server (the other guy with me whom got kicked). I aggreged and we checked for servers that he could play without having GTA on steam such as cado. We then proceeded to find a server known as Legendary RP and we thought it was good but couldn't live up to cado. I got the poaching thing because as we changed servers me and Maddhadders2018 offered to our IRL friends to join us on the new server. We did not see a problem with offering them to join us on a new server because it was IRL friends and not someone off the internet. I am sorry for what happened that day and i now see what was wrong with what I and we did. Please have a great night or day whenever your reading this. Thank You