Gang Application


Gang/Org: The XIX Syndicate

All Leaders:
Tyler McIntosh (Ghost_13#1379)
Tony Versace (Bagel#0117)

Main Leader:
Tyler McIntosh (Ghost_13#1379)

Chain of Command:
Made Men
Street Soldiers

Tyler McIntosh (Ghost_13#1379)
Tony Versace (Bagel#0117)
Dani Fitzgerald (Dani#1694)
BiRann Wilson (Dewie#8426)
Name Unknown (SouR_comxt_YT#0420)

Black and Red


Gang Rules:
Rule #1:
Do not disrespect any member, regardless of rank. Respect is key to cohesive teamwork to further our agenda, which should be your utmost priority.

Rule #2:
Follow all of the server rules, not only will you get in trouble with the gang, you'll likely be punished by CADOJRP staff.

Rules #3:
If you're ordered to do something, do it unless you really can't. If that's the case, tell the higher up who told you to do it. If you are requested to do something, same rules apply. There's nothing against doing extra work.

Rule #4:
Don't do anything alone. If you do anything alone, you might not come back. It is not safe no matter the mission.

Rule #5:
Do not argue in a discord channel. If you have issues with someone, handle it through DM or talk to a supervisor. If you are seen arguing about something minor, you'll be unable to text in any chat for x amount of time.
However if you are saying disrespectful things to one another and too much immaturity comes out, you and I will have a nice talk.

Rule #6:
Do not get too attached to anyone due to the risk of them not coming back. We don't want you getting upset when you can't see them anymore.

Rule #7:
Take the gang seriously, and roleplay how a gang should operate.

Rule #8:
If a member is caught disobeying, the Heads will call a meeting and put the member on trial. They will first have 3 strikes, and if they exceed this strikes they will then be kicked out (will most likely result in death).

Rule #9:
Follow Chain of Command at all times. If you have a question, go to the rank above you. Do not go straight to the heads or you'll get a strike. You can only break chain of command if you are directly told to do so or if it's personal. If that's the case, approach them with a full message or state that it's personal. If you just say "hey", we'll think you're breaking chain of command and we'll ignore you.

Rule #10:
Have Fun

What your gang/Org will do:
The XIX Syndicate will mainly take part in the drug business for the main source of income but will also work with the community (i.e. private security, loans, etc.)

Gang/Org Background:
The XIX Syndicate, formerly known as "The Rogues", was one of the biggest and most powerful criminal organizations in the state of Louisiana, formed in the 1900's. To the law enforcement and other criminal organizations, they were known as one of the most renowned gangs to still live in society. They had three main goals: money, power, and territory.
The Rogues was formed by a man whose name was never known. At a weak point in the gang's history, one of the Rogues' members named Isaiah Ocasio broke off and formed his own criminal organization, later called The XIX Syndicate. As the years went on, Isaiah became ill and passed down the organization to his second-in-command, Tyler "Ghost" McIntosh. Ghost lifted The XIX Syndicate off the ground with the help of his well known associate who is now a head of The XIX Syndicate, Tony "Bagel" Versace. The XIX Syndicate completed their personal goals in Louisiana, so they decided to run off to California.