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    Gang/Org: Italian Crime Family/Mafia

    All Leaders: Matthew Tonovan (XLP | Blackeagle#5981) & Underboss: John Dogwood (Maddhadders2018#8764)

    Main Leader: Boss: Matthew Tonovan

    Chain of Command:
    Boss - Matthew Tonovan
    Underboss - John Dogwood
    Enforcers - Rich Swanson & Michael Swanson

    Members: Matthew Tonovan, John Dogwood, Rich Swanson, Michael Swanson

    Color: Black

    Discord: https://discord.gg/JUNKCXP6

    Gang Rules:

    Italian Mob Rules

    - Good RP always

    - Don't go OOC unless absolutely needed

    -Read through server rules thoroughly https://docs.google.com/document/d/1effAzIOoYrcSof-fYiLDSXV1ucGbAsyX5H5KMdINFPg/edit?usp=sharing

    -If you mess up RP remember its not only on you its on the whole gang, please try your best to stay in character and have good RP

    -Don't disrespect the boss. If you wont be able to be on at certain times try and make sure your higher ups know

    -If more are added notifications will be made here

    What your gang/Org will do:
    We will primarily be doing gun running and running ports. We would like to get into drug businesses soon but not yet.

    Gang/Org Background:

    Matthew Tonovan came to this city from New York after it was destroyed in a tsunami about 2 weeks ago. The first person he met was John Dogwood and James Brown who was his taxi driver. Matthew and John became close friends and while at the car dealership buying a car met two men who are known to us as the Swanson brothers. When Matthew came into this city he didn't want to get directly into the crime family stuff but he met people who would be able to live that life well. Matthew made many new connections and is finally ready to go full time with this.


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