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  • Mikey J.'s Organization Application

    Mikey J.

    Staff member

    Organization Name:
    The Goon Squad

    All Leaders
    Cleetus Earnhardt, JoJo dirty-sanchez, Walter White, and

    Main Leader:
    Cleetus Earnhardt

    Chain of Command:
    Goon President, VP Goon, Lead Goon, Second Goon, Respected Goon, Tested Goon, Goon, The Patriot

    Mikey J. , Shadowspirit420, stringbean1, wolf, Epichunter123, Ncc, Crystalthebest

    Organization Color [If Any]:
    Red and Blue


    Organization Rules:
    1. Don't be a Bafoon
    2. Do not engage on any individual/group for no apparent reason
    3. Know your chain of command
    4. If you are below the rank of Lead Goon you are responsible to turn in a set amount of money to your team lead on a specified date, if you need to know what that is don't be afraid to ask
    5. Do not give up any information about the organization to the police, FBI, or any regular civilian you encounter unless you trust this person.
    6. Do not comply with corruption
    7. Do not go out of your way to get in trouble
    8. You can be terminated from The Goons by a high command at any given time

    What your organization will do:
    Goon Squad will stand against corruption, whether it be the store owner on the corner or the police. They will take a stand. In means of money some corruption may also come, robbing, rolling 2-3 vehicles deep armed to the teeth ready for a gunfight at anytime. they will never instigate but will always back up there word. The purpose of the Goons is to create new RP's the server has never seen that can be exciting and fun

    Organization Background: The Goons are an angry patriot group ready to help fight against corruption also while being known for being the most proud people of their country (no not the proud boys) they believe in Liberty and Justice for all and will uphold that feeling under any circumstance. Goons do what it takes to survive with any means necessary. They can be a best friend or a worst enemy. Raise Hell, Praise Dale.


    Staff member
    Senior Admin
    +1 would be a great asset for RP on the server, and they owe me $1500