Reapers Gang Applications


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Gang/Org: Reapers

All Leaders: Jaxx, Lethal,mustymeatball

Main Leader: Jaxx

Chain of Command: Reaper, Sentinal, Manager, Assist. Manager, Supervisor, mechanic 1-3, Affiliated.

Members: Jaxx, Jhit, Raaamon, Duck, Mr.V, Meatball, Eclipsezz, Packrunner, Buck, Bozo, Dawg

Color: Purple


Gang Rules:

  1. Don't run from LEO unless absolutely necessary
  2. Try to give LEO and others Passive Role-play
  3. Always be respectful (results in removal from reapers and full kill of your character).
  4. Always follow COC and listen to no matter of age
  5. Be active (if not we be kicked for inactivity or put in LOA)
  6. Represent in some type of way(purple clothing)
  7. Be respectful to everyone
  8. Don't break CADOJRP Rules

What your gang/Org will do: Reapers will mainly be doing RPM (Reaper Performance Mechanics) very similar to Grove street customs running mechanic work and also towing. Also looking to promote in-game jobs with the start of No Cap Cab (NCC). Looking to further the horizon once our numbers grow.

Gang/Org Background: Reapers was an inner cell within the gang of MMC creating something new to soonly break off. Their leader was getting overthrown and left the city for them to pick up the pieces. So they did form a small but strong Brother/Sisterhood with one another. But that all came to an end with the FBI capturing a good amount of them.


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+1 Good Application, Previous Reapers we're good not a shit show when it came to rp's. Would love to see what they bring especially since the MMC is back.