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The MMC Inc.

All Leaders:
Mr. AP, Preston_Is_Ez

Main Leader:
Mr. AP

Chain of Command:

Mr. AP - President
Preston_Is_Ez - Vice President
Vacant - Branch Director
Miller G - Support Director
Dead Plug & Jeff Bennings - Air Ops
HR Department - Jacob and Kyle R.
Mechanic / Tow Supervisors - Mr Jeff

Mr. AP, Preston_Is_Ez, Miller G, Dead Plug, Jeff Bennings, Jacob, Kyle R, Mr Jeff, Chase, HPKing01, duck, Jaxx, Lethal Throne and Slick Rick

White / Orange


Organisation Rules:
The MMC Inc Rules

- No Messing around on duty or in the shop. Members caught messing around on duty will be warned or Striked on scene.
- No harassing customers or any fellow colleagues, if caught will result in a strike or demotion depending on severity.
- No stopping jobs for no reason unless instructed to by a Command Member.
- The customer ALWAYS comes first !!!
- No racism. This is also in server rules and if caught doing this in game will be punnished by staff, but in discord will result in Instantaneous Dismissal!
- No bullying. Anyone caught will be striked, Demoted or Removed from the MMC Inc effective Immediately!
- Treat people with the respect youd be expecting them to treat yourself with
- Follow COC

What your Organisation will do:

The MMC Inc's main departments are Towing, Mechanical work and Car Sales. With all the changes made to CADOJRP on the full economy update, we felt that its only right that we get an established and well known brand to do mechanic work and also introduce a towing side of the company as there currently isnt one in CADO. Our organisation thrives off of customer interactions and transactions and would very much like to begin work in CADO. Tying into the mechanic shop we will also have a dealership where we will buy cars off of people, upgrade them using our own mechanical resources and then re-sell them to the public for a small profit. We feel that adding a Towing aspect to the company and the server would enable for better RP situations and allow for our towing department to get us well known in the city.

Gang/Org Background:

The MMC Inc was founded by a group of three well known gentlemen within society and was based around the Idea that they wanted to create a new benchmark in mechanical history. So they set out first of all thinking of a name of which came to them in the first day of planning and stuck with them. They then built the fundamentals of the organisation from the ground up, Organisational rules, Divisions and Ranks all came into plan. They then set out to find the best Mechanics in the city to hire and pay a salary to make the company established and well known. The organisation started out in the county but due to the population of the county being not only low and rough they decided to move into the city and attempt business there. Business was then at an all time high and since the creation a few years ago they have already become the Number One Mechanical Organisation in the Industry and City.


-1 creating a toxic environment
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-1 unable to reach rational solutions to problems that shouldn’t need to be solved, Ap represents himself poorly when trying to reach a suitable conclusion to issues regarding the server.


-1 constantly creating problems with the RP they do, constantly Fail RPing, and fucking around


Failure to follow normal rules let alone gang rules
Caught acting as a gang without being accepted yet
Causing drama instead of coming to reasonable compromises and
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