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Welcome Back CADOJRP

CADOJRP was founded in November of 2017. We've worked to grow our community into a place people call their home. Through battles of their own, the players are what make our community. We're glad to announce that we are back for the reopening in November of 2020. We hope to see everyone there!
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vortexz's Application

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  • In-Game Name
  • Discord Name
  • TeamSpeak Name
  • Current Age
  • Trustscore
  • Playtime
    2 days
  • Why should we chose you?
    You should choose me because I will make sure that people follow the rules. I have played on this server for about a month now and the last time I broke the rules was in my first week of RP:ing, and I haven not broken them after that. In fact I have helped out staff a couple of times in various scenarios where people are breaking the rules. I will make no exceptions whatsoever no matter who the person is to me. I am online very often and I love the server, the problem is rulebreakers. Rulebreakers ruin the fun for everyone when they shoot you on POH as soon as you step out of your car. Therefore you should choose me to help out, and to bring justice for those who actually want to have fun and play the game like it should be played. I already think that the staff is doing a great job, but it can always get better! I think I would be a great addition to the team and fit in. I will always do my job and never exploit my power. No player will be treated differently, neither better or worse. I know the rules because I have read them carefully 3-4 times.
  • Why do you want to become staff?
    I want to become a member of this awesome staff to help those who want to enjoy the game. I have myself have for example been killed by rulebreakers. I know how it feels to be powerless, especially when no staff is on, And if I have the chance to do something about it I will! I want to be able to show the rulebreakers that their actions have consequences. I have seen that staff members can't always attend to everyone, and therefore I am applying. Helping out the community is not the only reason as to why I am applying, it is also to help the hard working staff that every day try to make this server better for us. CADOJRP is so awesome and so is the community, and I am very glad to be a part of it. I understand that I am very young but still, I find that I am mature for my age and know how to follow the rules and make sure everyone else also follow them. I also want to prove that even for my age I would be a trustworthy member of the CADOJRP staff.
  • Will you adhere to all rules and enforce all rules upon players equally?
  • Member/Staff Referrals

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We regret to inform you that your staff application has been placed on pending for the following reasons:

Undesirable Age
I believe that you need to wait a bit longer in order to join the CADOJRP staff. Team you are young and I would want to see you progress. 

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okay, thank you anyways



Edited by vortexz

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