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Sad_boyKermit's Ban Appeal

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  • Name:
  • Who banned you?
  • Why did you get banned?
    Potential Hack Client
  • Current Trust score
  • Have you been Kicked/Banned/Warned Prior?
  • If yes Explain here
    Got temp banned because I had to leave and i told him before I left cause I knew he could kick me from the pannel so I left
  • Why should you be unbanned?
    I am not hacking theres problems with the server, I thought I received a kick from him because I had to go do something in irl then my friend next to them said that they were going to ban me because I had to go. I though it was unfair so the second I heard they were going to ban me I went on discord went to bots and commends typed %profile as I was loading in the server I tabbed to discord said I was temp banned but I still somehow joined back in but at the loading screen I saw my trust score went down by 11%, I loaded in then my friend said they were still there so I went up to confront him about why he banned me when i pulled up he was confused and I was confused then I just stood there for 5 minutes then he didn't say anything and perm banned me for a 'Potential Hack Client' I then went to staff support and opened a ticket. explained everything and here I am filling out this form. after the ticket ended I tried to rejoin but the 14 hour temp ban popped up instead of the perm ban I have it on video. I was not hacking, theres something happening to the server.
  • What will you do to make sure this will not happen again?
    I have no clue maybe dont join the server when its buggin. I wonder how will I know its buggin? I dont I dont know how to prevent this from happening again Im so cunfused Im as cunfused as that dude.

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I appealed the Perm Ban so now you just have the Temp Ban

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