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CADOJRP was founded in November of 2017. We've worked to grow our community into a place people call their home. Through battles of their own, the players are what make our community. We're glad to announce that we are back for the reopening in November of 2020. We hope to see everyone there!
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Jackie Daniels

Jackie Daniels - Introduction

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Good Day,


My name is Jackie Daniels and I am from Liberty City originally. I have gone between many jobs being an EMT, Firefighter, and police officer over my many years working in public safety. Some say its because I can't make up my mind on what to do but I silence them and say it's because I need to switch jobs every so often in order to get free training and keep my Certifications active. I love the public safety field and have worked in it since I was old enough. My pa was an EMT in Liberty City and retired doing so, he lives in Long Island yelling at pelicans and such to get away from his mock lighthouse. 

I absolutely love working in the field and helping people first hand. My goal is to train people as much as I can to help them during their everyday life and make them smarter because the smarter our team is the better we will all work together to make sure our city is safe.


I will see you all on the streets, mountains, or highways... Wherever you may need help. I will rush to be there.

Jackie Daniels

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