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Gdlc's Ban Appeal

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  • Name:
    Gio Cruz
  • Who banned you?
  • Why did you get banned?
    VDM'd my staff sit
  • Current Trust score
  • Have you been Kicked/Banned/Warned Prior?
  • If yes Explain here
    Yes Ive been warned a couple of times for little things
  • Why should you be unbanned?
    I believe that this was unlawful I was making a right turn when my cars brakes didn't work until last second bumping the other persons car, I then told him sorry my brakes didn't work and he continued to ignore me keep in mind my car barley touched them after repeatedly telling him that my car brakes didnt work as it wasa heavy duty car he kept on ignoring me never saying a word to me
  • What will you do to make sure this will not happen again?
    I will make sure to be careful when using a heavy car as this one so that this does not happen again I will also be more careful in intersectios

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-1 I was in fact talking to him. I asked him what I ask everyone, "are you new to the server?" etc, after I asked him multiple times what he was doing. He didn't just "tap the vehicle" he slammed into it. If I wasnt talking to him, it was because I was tabbed out looking at his record. 





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