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CADOJRP was founded in November of 2017. We've worked to grow our community into a place people call their home. Through battles of their own, the players are what make our community. We're glad to announce that we are back for the reopening in November of 2020. We hope to see everyone there!
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Wii tard's Application

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  • In-Game Name
    Brian Mcdonald
  • Discord Name
  • TeamSpeak Name
    537 | Brian M.
  • Current Age
  • Trustscore
  • Playtime
    9 days and 39 min
  • Why should we chose you?
    I have been active everyday and know how to talk to people. I'm not rude. I respect everybody I meet in the game. I love to talk to people and help them if they need it. I have been wanting to try staff out for a while. I am curious what it's all about and I have been wanting to do this. I know a lot about the server and I am a very active member. I love this community and I'm looking for a lot of fun and I will be here a long time and I'm willing to be committed to CADO jrp. I love to rp and I don't mind dealing with people that are breaking rules. I'm not looking to do anything bad on the server and I would overall just enjoy helping the staff team and help with server importance. I am willing to do my job as staff and not abuse my power in any way shape or form. I love being there to help people that need it. I am capable of helping people and showing them how to play. I am willing to give the necessary punishments. When needed. I learn very quickly and I know what to do when needed. I also love seeing new players get better at rp I most the time try and tell people to go read the rules. I know how to rp and I am very good with the actual rules of the server. I don't plan on abusing my power and or using them the wrong way and only use them for staffing reasons. I want to help the community and show people the rules and I am very dedicated to this community. And overall I want to show people what CADO jrp is all about. The best I can.
  • Why do you want to become staff?
    Some reasons I want to have a staff role in this community. I have a lot of times where I see fail rp in game and I just would love to deal with it at the time it happens and I would love to get the chance to be a part of the staff team. The staff team is a very fun thing from what I heard but under no circumstances will I try or on purpose be unprofessional. I understand what the server is about and it has been my home since I have started playing five M. I believe I have what it takes to control myself under pure pressure circumstances like deciding what I should do in a situation. Now I'm not gonna lie. I have never heard anybody say that I should be a staff member. I just know I think I'm ready for the role and the permissions do be a staff member in this community. Now I'm all about fairness and responsibility and I hope some of yall see that in me and I want y'all to see that I can do both those things in game and I can be responsible with those types of perms. I have a lot to learn and as some of you know I'm on the grind to becoming a better person in this community and I believe I have waited for the right time to submit this form and apply for a staff role in this community. I believe that I am capable of becoming staff for this home of mind and I pray that yall see that in me and I will try my best to be the best I can. This is my home and I don't plan on leaving anytime soon so I hope that I will be able to let yall see that in me and give me a better idea of how I can be as a staff member. Over the past 2 and a half weeks I have been taking it out of my time to learn as much as I can about staff. I believe I am able to start trying to be staff in this community because I have experience and trust and I love the place and hope to stay for as long as I can. That is most of my reasons why I want to become staff and I think that I will be a help and a good person for the staff team.
  • Will you adhere to all rules and enforce all rules upon players equally?
  • Member/Staff Referrals
    Tyler F

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-1 If u cant adhere to all rules and enforce rules equally you can't be on the staff team


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Retired Community Manager

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-1 same reason as bazzi

LAPD Commander | 1210

~ CADOJRP Senior Administrator ~

HR Director

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-1, same as both bazzi, and aj


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If you cant adhere to the rules and punish equally to all players the application has been denied

~Reapply in 2 weeks~ 

~ Staff Manager ~

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~ Just A Canadian ~
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