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Welcome Back CADOJRP

CADOJRP was founded in November of 2017. We've worked to grow our community into a place people call their home. Through battles of their own, the players are what make our community. We're glad to announce that we are back for the reopening in November of 2020. We hope to see everyone there!
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PeyPey's Application

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  • In-Game Name
  • Discord Name
    Benni Brown#1753
  • TeamSpeak Name
  • Current Age
  • Trustscore
  • Playtime
    2Days 6Hours
  • Why should we chose you?
    Why i think you should choose me? I personally think i could be good help for this server! I really like to help others and to teach others. So if somebody does /report or needs staff assitance i would gladly help them! I am very independent, and i teach very quick! I really like to have a system and watch that the rules will be followed. Ive played on this server alot, ive played on it since around 2018! and when it got shut down i was waiting for it to come up again. I see that the staff that is on the server has alot to do, and i would like to help them to keep the server clean. I see alot of chaos sometimes on the server and i would love to help too stop that, to make this server a good place for those who really want to rp! This server is my favorite serious rp server. I really like the staff thats on the server, theyre always helpfull and nice! I feel personally i would fit in with! I always follow the rules but sadly there are many who dosent. And to help to stop them and to tell them and teach them the rules would be something ill gladly do! For me its very important that people get the help they need, and for them to have a good time while they play on this server! I hope i could get the oppurtunity too do this!
  • Why do you want to become staff?
    Why i want to become staff? Well i would want to be staff to help the people that need help and to teach people how to rp and etc! And to stop those who failrp and ha no intention to roleplay. To stop the people thats on here only too troll, and dont wanna rp seriously. I daily see people on this server who failrp and that has no intention to roleplay on this server. People who just wanna joke around. I would like to help to stop them, and too help to make this a good community for those who want to rp seriously! I would also like to help and teach the new people the rules and how to play, i dont wanna just kick and ban people i wanna give them chances and teach and help them to play on this server, i think evryone deserves a chance! So if i would get to be staff so instead of kicking and banning i would give people oppurtunitys to play on this server, too help them and teach them to rp on this server. I also see alot of people needing staff help. I would love to help them. I really enjoy helping others, to show them how to do stuff, teach them the ways to play ect, evryone deserves a chance to play. So personally i think i would do a good job to do the tasks the staff does. So this is the reasons why i would like to become staff!
  • Will you adhere to all rules and enforce all rules upon players equally?
  • Member/Staff Referrals
    Jim Lahey

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The Administrative Team would like to congratulate you on Passing your Application. You can now come on for your second part of the process! Which is our Interview Process. Please connect to ts.cadojrp.com in order to complete the interview!



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